Defiance’s Aftermath Update Coming November 25

Defiance's Aftermath Update Coming November 25

The Aftermath is almost upon us, Ark hunters!

Starting Tuesday, November 25, new missions that follow the events of Season 2 and span both Paradise and Silicon Valley will be available. The Pilgrims of the Guiding Light reveal their final move, and the world is put in jeopardy once again. The assassin, Nujekpe, closes in on his prey, Eren Niden, and the criminal Melak Vor reveals a new plan to launch a war between what remains of the Earth Republic and Votanis Collective.

The full patch notes will be live soon but here’s a preview:

New Missions: Seven new missions, including three instanced missions, which challenge ark hunters to overcome the villainous Melak Vor, the assassin Nujekpe, and the nefarious machinations of LOCI. Do you have what it takes to stop the Arkrise?

New Story Maps: Put a stop to Echelon’s machinations in a bunker deep beneath the Presidio, face Nujekpe and his mercenaries at Eren’s last stand, and delve deep into a huge arkfall buried below Silicon Valley.

Thanksgiving Event: Do you have what is takes to face the Bioman barrage of the New Frontier Harvest? Do you want a full set of the Plate Slicer Synergy? Do you like weaponized turkey?

Salvage Matrix Action – Reduce Rating: Reduce Rating brings the rating of an item down to match your current EGO rating.

Perk and Effect Feedback: Triggered effects now display names or effects when triggered. You may toggle this feature on the settings menu with “Show Effect Names”.

Emotes and Callouts: Emotes and Callouts are now available in the Quick Menu!

See you in Paradise!

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