Thanksgiving on the New Frontier

Thanksgiving on the New Frontier

Ark hunters,

It’s time for the annual fall harvest in the New Frontier, and that can only mean one thing: THANKSGIVING! This resilient holiday tradition is celebrated in the lands that were once North America, though there is some dispute regarding the exact date used to celebrate it. Heck, the Votans even argue that Earthkind’s insistence on using a calendar that was a propaganda tool for the long-fallen Roman Empire shows our ties to our primitive past. Regardless, it’s Thanksgiving in Paradise, and it’s time for a doozy of a celebration!

Turkeys, those resilient and delicious birds, managed to survive the apocalypse against all odds. In fact, the Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) has even adapted to a migratory pattern which can cross the Storm Divide. For a couple of bountiful weeks, the birds can be found grazing even on the West Coast! Keep an eye out for turkeys, live and otherwise, across Paradise, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley!

Unfortunately for those celebrating this festive holiday, the mutants from the former EMC have come forth with their own bizarre celebratory traditions. They seem convinced that Thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide and extermination, and they’ve set out to prove it. Keep an eye out for massive hordes of Biomen and mutants assaulting the bay during their “New Frontier Harvest” as they amass around arkfalls and challenge all comers.

Don’t worry, gentle ark hunters, you won’t be caught flat-footed by their assaults. Some keen machinist, who wishes to remain anonymous, has designed a weapon to fight against these deadly opponents: The Gobbler. By combining the natural prowess of the elegant Turkeys of the Frontier with deadly Votan technology, this ingenious machinist has created a rocket-delivered payload of rage-infused Turkeys to destroy those that threaten the peace and civility of the New Frontier. When asked for a comment, the anonymous machinist was heard to cackle: “Look at ‘em go! Murderous turkeys! Brilliant!”

Not only will ark hunters have access to the Gobbler during the New Frontier Harvest event, but they will also have access to a brand-new synergy: The Plate Slicer! This synergy specializes in destroying armor and rewarding the destruction of armor. As you rip the armor plates from your enemies, you gain further armor durability damage bonuses, a chance to fully reload your weapon, and, finally, a stack of ablative armor to protect yourself. Plate Slicer weapons and mods will drop from the New Frontier Harvest end rewards and enemies throughout the event.

If you’ve not had your fill of armor-destroying power, you can also acquire Plate Slicer weapons and mods from the Cornucopia Supply Crate! Inside you’ll find epic weapons and a selection of deadly mods as well as a chance at unique jackpot weapons! On top of that, Cornucopia Supply Crate can also drop Pilgrim-themed outfits and headgear. By “Pilgrim” we do mean the Pilgrims of the Guiding Light. So, show your LOCI pride and cast your gaze to Alpha Centauri with the stylish pilgrim outfits.

Now… no event is complete without a unique silly hat. In the tradition of the long-collapsed peoples of the United States of America, both the Cornucopia Supply Crates and the New Frontier Harvests have a special gift in store: a stylish chapeau called the “Buckled Capotain.” Relive your grade-school Thanksgiving pageants with this throwback to poor fashion sense from ages past!

Good hunting,

Creative Lead Trick Dempsey

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