Defiance Free-to-Play Launches on Xbox 360 Tomorrow

Defiance Free-to-Play Launches on Xbox 360 Tomorrow

Ark hunters, Defiance Free-to-Play will be launching on Xbox 360 tomorrow, November 18 at 9:30 AM PST (GMT-7)!

Earn your stripes as a new recruit fighting for the future of Earth (or return as a seasoned veteran!) just in time for the Aftermath of Season 2’s events:

  • Download Defiance today and battle through the entire Bay Area and Silicon Valley storylines.
  • Discover the conclusion and follow-up to the Season 2 crossover storyline with our Aftermath update, coming next week.
  • Learn more about Defiance Free-to-Play from our our preview page.

When Defiance Free-to-Play launches on Xbox 360 tomorrow, everyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership will be able to install the game free:

  • At the Xbox 360 Dashboard:
    • Using the Left Bumper, navigate to the Games tab and press A.
    • Select Search Game and press A.
    • Enter “Defiance” and select the Defiance search result.
    • Select the Defiance image and press A.
    • Select Download and follow the prompts (where you want to install to, etc).
  • Once the Pending Download is complete, open the Xbox 360 Dashboard again.
    • Using the Left Bumper Switch to the Home tab.
    • Select Recent and press A.
    • Select Defiance and press A.
    • Select Play Now.
  • FYI:
    • You can also Pin the Defiance game to your My Pins or you can find it under My Games.
    • Once you run Defiance, you will then download the newest Defiance patch to get you completely up to date.
    • If you have already installed the disc-based version and have the newest patch there, you will not need to reload the Defiance specific patch again as the digital version will recognize it.

Are you a returning veteran? All Defiance owners will enjoy more character slots, loadouts, ark keycode capacity, and inventory slots than free-to-play accounts. For those looking to expand what they already have, we’ll even be offering increases to these limits. Defiance owners will have the following on their account when Defiance Free-to-Play launches:

  • Character Slots Base: 4
  • Loadouts Base: 5
  • Ark Keycode Base: 75
  • Inventory Slots Base: 70
  • 30-Day Paradise Patron Pass
  • Grant of 1000 Arkforge
  • Existing characters will retain any extra Character, Inventory, Loadout and Ark Keycode capacity they already have above the base numbers listed here.

We look forward to seeing you in this brave new frontier, ark hunters!

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