Extra Life Details & Rewards – Prepare for Oct. 25!

Extra Life

Ark hunters, are you ready for this Saturday’s Extra Life charity gaming marathon? Each year, Extra Life raises millions of dollars for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, and we hope you’ll help us make a bigger difference in kids’ lives this year than ever before!

Join us on October 25 at 8am PDT as we celebrate Extra Life for a full 24 hours. Prepare today by signing up for the Trion Team and checking out our Extra Life page: Friends, family members, humans and Votans can sponsor your day of marathon gaming, and you’ll earn a huge range of rewards for hitting donation goals.


Extra Life 2014 Rewards
– Raise $25 in donations for an Extra Life Lockbox.
– Raise $75 in donations for a Blue Streak Dodge Challenger.
– Raise $150 in donations for another Dodge Challenger in Detonator Yellow!
– Everyone who raises an incredible $500 in donations will be entered into our Defiance Hero Drawing, and 25 Heroes (selected at random) will receive a 1-year Patron Pass OR a Recruit Pack + Season Pass combo – your choice!*


*Plus rewards in RIFT, ArcheAge, and Trove, too, as you hit each milestone! Learn more.
*And everyone who plays Trion games for a total of 24 hours on the weekend of the 25th will earn a new title: The Benefactor. The count starts at 8am PDT on 10/25 and ends at 8am PDT on 10/27!

Event Goodness
Keep an eye out for the new Extra Lively Hellbug arkfalls featuring GOLDEN HELLBUGS throughout the event. Don’t let those bugs escape – they’re filled with delicious loot candy!

If you missed out on last year’s Extra Life weapons, you have another chance to get them this year. However, they won’t be hidden on a vendor; they can only be earned from completing Extra Life arkfalls and by killing the golden skitterlings scurrying around the battlefield. In addition, each Extra Life arkfall completed has a chance of granting a special angelic Halo for those who participated.

Last but not least, a special Defiance Starter Pack is available in the Extra Life Humble Bundle! You’ll get a 15-Day Patron Pass, Lockbox, Character Slots, ATV and more (plus other games and goodies including Trove® Closed Beta access and a month of reddit gold) no matter what you pay. It’s another great way to support a great cause as you play this weekend!

Good hunting,

Trick Dempsey
Creative Lead, Defiance