Halloween Arkfalls & Hulker Madness!


Ark hunters,

Defiance is in for one hell of a Halloween.

Starting Oct. 29, Paradise will be threatened by a new kind of arkfall: Hulker Hell. (Do you like Hulkers? Do you think they’re friendly? They want to play!) New jack-o’-lanterns appearing around these arkfalls hold a variety of treats … and tricks. Look closely at their smiles for clues about what they contain before you break them open!

Pumpkin Headgear

Keep an eye out, too, for special weapons and mods. New Blackened Hellfire weapons will rain from the heavens, including Assault Rifles, Fraggers, Quick Repeaters, Tachmag Pulsers, Blasters, and SAWs that will send your enemies straight to the pit.

In honor of Walpurgisnacht, these weapons are equipped with a new mod synergy: The Purge. It adds Crit Multiplier and nano-effect chance on critical hits, and, at its ultimate power, grants 10% life steal as well. Are syphon weapons a little weak for your tank? Then The Purge is the synergy for you!

But that’s not quite all. Samhain adds one final bounty: Legendary Hellfire weapons! Keep an eye out for the legendary Ghost Duster, Wolfman, Demon Hunter, Devil’s Advocate, Beelzebub, and Witch Hexer. These weapons are hand-crafted by the most devious beasts of hell, and they are looking for idle hands to be their playthings!

Not keen on all that murder and savagery? Fond of the little things in life? Fancy yourself a fine squash? Watch for the new pumpkin headgear dropping from Hulker Hell arkfalls. How did they get into space? Who carved them? IT’S HALLOWEEN IN PARADISE!

All these bounties are available from arkfalls through Nov. 12, but if you don’t quite get your fill, you may also find Halloween weapons, mods, and legendaries in our new Blackened Hellfire Supply Crates. Have a taste for hell-raising attire? Check out new Devil’s Carnival Crates, too. Each offers a random chance for exclusive costume pieces (Lucifer’s Knave, Hell’s Jester, Satan’s Harlequin, and the incredibly creepy “The Smile”) or a variety of devilish tools to spread the spirit of the holiday.


Look for these spooky and seasonal detonators, rocket launchers, and infectors – all with the assassin synergy – or try your luck for a signature Legendary: Abbadon’s Touch!

Sometimes, you have to give the devil his due.

Good hunting – and happy Halloween!

Trick Dempsey
Creative Lead, Defiance