Challenge Hour: Volge Trooper

We are happy to announce our next Challenge Hour! Head on over and sign up with your in-game username and Trion Worlds account to enter this week’s Volge Trooper Challenge. Can you win your friends copies of Defiance and yourself some epic Defiance rewards? You won’t know until you try!


What is Challenge Hour?

Challenge Hour is a new application that kicks off at the outlined time. You simply sign-up here: and execute against the challenge provided for one hour and try to beat everyone else who is participating.

But wait! We have even better news! Have your friends sponsor you for the upcoming ‘Challenge Hour’ for a chance to earn 20 of them a FREE copy of Defiance! Yup, you heard me right, have your girlfriend, best friend, friends or a stranger off the street sponsor you for a chance to get them a free copy of the game. (The first 20 users who sponsored the winner will also get a FREE copy of Defiance PC-Only)

Note: We will be hosting ‘Challenge Hour’ bi-weekly moving forward and the time frame when the Challenge takes place will change weekly.

Check out the full details on Challenge Hour HERE:

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