ArcheAge 5.0 – Reliques d’Hiram

Percez des mystères enfouis dans l’oubli et exploitez la nouvelle puissance obscure de l’Art des maudits, le premier Art inédit [Edit: Full FR translation in progress]

We look forward to chatting with you about all of this on the September 14th livestream! Meanwhile, watch for news coming from Gamescom, where Khrolan and Socke are chatting with games media all about what’s coming for ArcheAge.

Here’s an introduction to get you started!

New Content

ArcheAge 5.0 – Relics of Hiram takes us to an all-new, unexplored zone: the Western Hiram Mountains. New challenges await the champions of Erenor in this stunning new endgame region. Face challenges and conquer them to attain new gear, increase your Ancestral level, and more!

This new expansion also introduces a brand new skill set for the first time ever in ArcheAge! Malediction allows players to use powerful dark magic to exploit their enemies’ weaknesses while empowering themselves. The 11th skillset for ArcheAge, Malediction adds 45 new class combinations for players to experience.

ArcheAge 5.0 – Relics of Hiram also introduces a new tier of Hiram gear for players to awaken. Complete daily quests in the Western Hiram Mountains to earn fantastic new Hiram Guardian Gear!

System Improvements

Arena Team Queueing

  • Queue for multi-player arenas as a team, open or closed invites

Mount Collection Rewards:

  • New categories for mount collections, mechanical + cosmetic rewards
  • The awesome Andelph Drakora mount for completion of all new categories

Housing UCCs and Costume Dyeing Improvements

  • User Created Content to be placed on walls/floors of houses
  • Some costumes can now be tinted, replacing the previous limited color range/variants

System Modifications

Trade Pack Adjustments

  • Auroria packs removed, pack valuations adjusted

Gear Awakening

  • Cloaks and Raid Gear will use the awakening process

Travel with us to Hiram Mountains this fall, where new adventures await!

~The ArcheAge Team