ArcheAge: Unchained : Reign over the Skies

Starting April 9th, you can stay home and explore the beautiful world of Erenor with your friends during our Free Trial weekend, and be sure to pick up the free goodies! Plus, get a beautiful Glider Customization for a steal on some of our most intricate designs.

Hoppin’ to Royalty
Put on your most regal attire with the Rabbit Queen Suit! If pink isn’t your preferred color of choice, you can change it up with a dye ticket. Nothing feels quite like being a Rabbit Queen, so be prepared for some royal treatment! Just like a lucky rabbit foot, this deal luckily lasts until April 23rd!

Rabbit Queen Suit – 3750 Credits

Free Weekend Travels
Travel safely and in-style with the Celestar mount and Umbrella Magithopter! Be sure to take to the skies in a truly magical fashion and invite your friends to join you. These items can be claimed once per character. Get these items during your free trial, or pick them up after you extend to the full version of the game! These items will be available until April 16, 2020.

3-day Celestar – Free
3-day Umbrella Magithopter – Free

Soaring High for Lower Prices
Get a great Glider Customization for a fraction of the price! Grab the Glider Customization: Inky Feathered Dragon to present a menacing shadow to those below you, you’re sure to appear like a real dragon yourself! Or you can grab the Blue Rainbow Glider Customization to blend into the vast and beautiful night sky. Whichever glider customization you choose (or both) they’re on a steal of a deal until April 16th!

Bound Glider Customization: Inky Feathered Dragon – 4095 Credits
Bound Glider Customization: Blue Rainbow – 4095 Credits

These deals hop, skip and fly away soon, so grab them while you can!

Hiram-azing Synthesis Event

For a limited time, synthesize your gear for a reduced rate! Immediately after our maintenance is completed on April 9, 2020, head over to your nearest Hero Hall to receive reduced rates on synthesis for various types of gear! The synthesis party will continue going until the server maintenance on April 16, 2020.

How do I participate?
The first step is to head to the Hero Hall in your faction’s Capital City! If you’re in the Western faction head to Marianople, Eastern faction head to Austera, and fearsome pirate, travel to Pirate Island! After locating your Hero Hall, make sure you’re in the vicinity of Synthesis Fairy Jake NPC and receive the reduced synthesis rate buff!

What are the rates?
Enjoy the 50% synthesis rate discount on:
Hiram Guardian Gear
Radiant Hiram Guardian Gear
Story Quest Equipment
Noryette Accessories
Luminous Noryette Accessories
Epherium/Delphinad/Ayanad Cloaks
Synthesis Costume/Undergarments
Improved/Sturdy Pet Accessories
Disciple’s Equipment
T1 Mistsong Summit Equipment
T2 Mistsong Summit Weapons
Enraged Red Dragon Equipment
Soul Guardian

Enjoy the 25% synthesis rate discount on:
Brilliant Hiram Guardian Gear
Radiant Disciple Equipment
Erenor Cloak
Beserk Red Dragon Equipment
Thunderwing Titan Equipment

Enjoy the 15% synthesis rate discount on:
Glorious Hiram Guardian Gear

The following gears are excluded from the synthesis rate reduction:
Erenor Equipment
Radiant Erenor Equipment
Wrathful Black Dragon
Vigilant Hermit Plate Armor
Termisia’s Leather Armor
Soul Liberator
Radiant Noryette Accessories
T2 Mistong Summit Armor

Unfortunately like all good things, this event does come to an end. This event ends with the weekly maintenance on April 16, 2020, so make sure to get your synthesis on!

Troublesome Bunnies and Egg-cellent Adventures

Coral needs your help in Mirage Isle! Coral’s troublesome bunny friends have run off and hid without their eggs! It’s not much of an egg hunt without them, Coral needs you to find those bunnies and hand them their egg. Though she doesn’t have the exact location, she can hint to where they might be hidden!

After maintenance on April 9th, anyone level 20 or above can participate in the daily quests provided by Coral on Mirage Isle. To get to Mirage Isle, take one of the many portals in major cities and most housing areas!

She will give you a hint to find one of her troublesome bunny friends and task you to find them and give them their egg. Once complete, you will be rewarded with Vocation Badges and a Bound Egg Basket!

Alongside the egg hunting fun, a new achievement was added – “Coral’s Helper”! Complete the hunt for a troublesome bunny 6 times and get rewarded with the “Eggcellent Helper” title and 5 Bound Egg Baskets.

Each Bound Egg Basket allows you to choose between the following Eggs: Green Egg – Move Speed +10% for 1 hour
Blue Egg – All Stats +70 for 1 hour
Purple Egg – Skill Damage and Healing +4% for 1 hour
Yellow Egg – Combat Skill Cooldown -10% for 1 hour
Orange Egg – Received Damage -5% for 1 hour

Please note that only one Egg buff can be applied at a time, so choose wisely!

Hop to it and help Coral save Easter before she disappears on April 16th!

Screenshot Contest: Spring has Sprung!

Spring. The season when many trees are blossoming and early flowers are pushing through the earth in an explosion on glorious colors and fragrant scents. When birds return home and chirp happily to greet the early rays of sunlight. When there’s a playfulness in nature and a sense of joy energizes the air.

What does Spring mean to you? Now’s your chance to capture that sweet feeling of spring in our ‘Spring Screenshot Contest’! From April 7, 2020, and April 14, 2020, show us what Spring means to you!

What do I do?

Take a screenshot in-game that gives you the Spring feeling! From blooming flowers, baby animals playing with wild abandon or…you get the idea! Submit your image via Twitter using the hashtags #gamigotrees and either #ArcheAge or #AAUnchained to indicate the game version you play. The best screenshot will be selected as a winner for their game version!

What can I win?

One winner each will be selected from ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained who will receive a Princess Greeniette Chroma costume as a reward. In the event there are no entries from one game, two screenshots from the same game will be selected. When will the winners be selected? The ArcheAge team will select and vote on winners that will be announced on April 16, 2020. The winner will be contacted on Twitter via Direct Message and will be announced on Twitter, Steam and our Blog.

What are the rules?

• All screenshots should be in the theme of Spring.
• Entries should be submitted via Twitter using the hashtags #gamigotrees and either #ArcheAge or #AAUnchained to indicate the version of the game where you’ll receive the reward if you win.
• All submissions must be received between April 7, 2020, and April 14, 2020, at 23:59 UTC. • Rules and Terms of Service apply (No Nudity, Racism, etc.)

The following conditions govern the course of the “ArcheAge Screenshot Contest” (“Contest”) as organized by gamigo US Inc., 350 Marine Park Way, Redwood City, CA, 94065, USA (“Trion”).

Eligibility, Participants and Participation

(1) Participation in the contest is free. Participants must be at least twelve years old. If the participant is under the age of eighteen, the parent or guardian must have given their consent to participate in the competition.

(2) “Participant” means anyone who is eligible to participate pursuant to paragraph 1 and who complies with the terms and conditions of participation set forth in these General Terms and Conditions between 4/08/2020 and 4/15/2020, 22:59 UTC (“Participation Period”).

(3) The task of the contest is the independent creation of a screenshot in Archeage (“Screenshot”), which deals with the topic “Spring in Archeage”.The task of the contest is the independent creation of a screenshot (“Screenshot”) that represents the feeling of spring in ArcheAge. The may use their character(s) and/or other available in-game items to that end. The screenshot must not be sexist or show nudity. The screenshot shall be posted on Twitter and contain the hashtag #gamigotrees and also the hashtag #ArcheAge or #AAUnchained, based on the version of the game.

(4) There is no limit how many entries each participant may submit. Entries submitted outside of the participation period will not be considered.

(5) Employees of Trion and companies associated with Trion, as well as relatives thereof, are allowed to participate but are excluded from receipt of any prizes.

(6) Trion may present (“Presentation”) the screenshot in form of Twitter retweets.

Winners and Prizes

(1) Trion will select a total of two (2) screenshots from all valid entries – one for ArcheAge and one for ArcheAge: Unchained. The “winners” are those participants who created these selected screenshots.

(2) In the case that one version of the game does not receive any submitted screenshots at all, Trion will instead pick a second winner from the submitted entries for the other version of the game.

(3) Trion will inform the winners by 4/16/2020, 22:59 UTC of their win by contacting via the Twitter account used for the entry (“Notification”). The winners will receive prizes as part of the contest announcement. Trion reserves the right to replace individual prizes with equivalent or superior prizes. The winners will be announced in various social media such as ArcheAge Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Website, Steam, and our Forums (“Announcement”). The winners will be announced on the official ArcheAge Twitter account.

(4) Trion will ask the winners in the notification to send in their ArcheAge account name, email address or ID in response to the announcement up to the 4/19/2020, 22:59 UTC at the latest (“Response”). Responses that Trion receives late or does not receive at all will lead to loss of entitlement to the respective prize. To the extent that the prizes concern the receipt of digital content, this will be added to the named account of the respective winner within a week of receipt of the response.

(5) A cash payment and/or payment of the prize in physical goods as well as an exchange and/or transfer of the prizes to third parties are all excluded.

Rights of Use and Indemnity

(1) For the purpose of participation in the contest, Trion grants the participant the free-of-charge, non-exclusive, revocable right to use the ArcheAge title and the ArcheAge characters for the creation of the screenshot.

(2) For the purposes of the presentation, the participant grants Trion the free-of-charge, non-exclusive, irrevocable right to use the respective screenshot without limitation of time and place. This includes the rights of exploitation and reproduction, as well as the right to make the screenshot publicly available and grant usage rights to third parties, in so far as this is necessary within the context of the presentation.

(3) By submitting their entry, the participant provides assurance that they produced the screenshot themselves, guarantees that this does not infringe on the rights of third parties and indemnifies Trion against all claims from third parties based on the infringement of third party rights in connection with the screenshot.

Data Privacy

(1) Trion will retrieve, process and use the provided personal data of each participant (this includes the core data of the account, the email address and ID provided by the winners) within the scope of the applicable legal data protection requirements and exclusively for the purposes of holding the contest (this includes the review of the right to participate and comply with the rules as well as the announcement and the presentation).

(2) The personal data collected will be stored for the duration of the contest and then subsequently deleted once it ends. The presentation which, for reasons of transparency, is principally always kept permanently available for retrieval, will not be deleted within this period unless otherwise requested by the respective winner. To the extent that legal retention requirements stipulate longer-term storage, the affected data will be deleted at the latest following the expiry of such obligations and will only be processed for the purposes of compliance with these retention requirements.

(3) Further information on the handling of personal data by Trion can be found within the Privacy Policy.


Trion, its bodies, employees, and subcontractors are liable exclusively for wilful intent and gross negligence, regardless of the legal basis, and in cases of ordinary negligence, only for the violation of essential contractual obligations and limited to foreseeable damages, as far as not precluded by other compulsory statutory provisions. These limitations do not apply for the loss of life, personal injury or damage to health.

Final Provisions

(1) The participant agrees to these Terms and Conditions with their entry.

(2) In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the General Terms of Use also apply (“Rules”).

(3) Should a participant infringe upon the rules during the execution of the contest, or such an infringement be proven thereafter, their eligibility to participate may be revoked.

(4) Trion reserves the right to end the contest before the end of the participation period if for technical or legal reasons its proper execution cannot be guaranteed.

(5) The contractual relationship is governed by German law to the exclusion of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the referral regulations of international private law. If the participant has as his usual domicile a location in another country within the European Union during the extent of the contest, the validity of the strictly applicable legal regulations of the country in question shall remain unaffected by the choice of law made in the prior sentence.

(6) In the event that any individual provisions of these Terms and Conditions become ineffective, the remaining provisions shall remain effective and binding. Statutory rules shall take the place of the ineffective provision.