ArcheAge Team Letter

All, We apologize for the drastically reduced posting of our blogs and on our forums over the last two weeks. We needed to be certain that we have a clear...

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Double Everything Event – Oct. 25 – 29

This weekend we’re doing a Double Everything Event on all ArcheAge Legacy and Fresh Start servers. Get double drop rates, experience, Vocation, and Honor Points between Thursday, October 25th at...

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Stormduster Crates

How does that song go again? “Riders of the Storm…. DUSTER!” Never settle for an ordinary broom when you can acquire something a cut above.

Tales of Erenor: an AA Community Challenge

Long have you wandered through the lands, overcoming every challenge, every obstacle. The time has come to tell your tale, to share it with others… a little personal fame wouldn’t...

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