Destiny’s Call

The story of the Great Migration begins with the journey of the twelve, ordinary and young adventurers seeking their dream.

Led by curiosity, they formed the Library Expedition and tracked down the path to the Mother Goddess, Thiol, the almighty creator of the world. Days and months passed by and the twelve members found the Hiram, guardians of the Garden’s Gate for many generations. The Expedition could sense it. They were close. Their search would soon be over. Ignoring the Hiram’s warning, they continued to walk along the path, nearing the navel of the world. Danger also drew near.

Ambushed by a dragon, the twelve were forced to fight. The dragon’s attacks were great, but the twelve’s courage was greater. In an act of ultimate selflessness, Naima sacrificed her life to save fellow Expedition member Gene from the vicious beast. Now numbering eleven, the Expedition journeyed on to soon stand in front of the Gate. Their search was over. They had found the Garden. The Gate opened and in that moment they vanished. Memories seemed distant. Yet slowly they reappeared. The eleven were no longer mortals; they had earned the authority of gods, the power to rule the world. Such power nibbled away at their compassion and sympathy. The weight of godly power and the pain of missing a world once home was too much for Gene to bear.

Seeing his opportunity, Anthalon warped Gene’s weak mind, filling him with an evil passion for destruction, ultimately turning him into Kyrios. Overpowered by feelings of greed and rage, Kyrios, god of destruction, attempted to burn down and destroy all lands and living things. Entering the Garden to acquire more power, Kyrios was attacked by his fellow gods. Tahyang, Aranzeb and Melisara sacrificed themselves to seal off their old friend, falling at his fatal blows. Injured, Kyrios withdrew and Kyprosa closed the Garden’s Gate once again. But the aftermath of Kyrios’ power continued to destroy the world. Nui, who stayed outside of the Garden, used all the power she could summon to create a hereafter gate so that the people of Auroria could migrate to the new continents.

Nui’s sacrifice saved many people, but a deep grief over the loss of heroes and gods was engraved in their souls.

Garden of the Gods
Drifting Enclaves
Genesis Glade
Pools of Creation
Circle of Authority
Frost Fangs
Delphinad Mirage
Boreal Blades

New Content

  • The Continuation of the Epic Journey
  • 59 new Storyline Quests
  • New Worldboss & Encounters
  • 14 new Areas
  • New Tradepack Type – The Disguised Packs
  • Brand New Monsters
  • New Weekly Quests
  • New Territory Buildings and Features
  • New Hiram Guardian and Erenor Gear
  • and more …
ArcheAge: Garden of the Gods ArcheAge: Garden of the Gods ArcheAge: Garden of the Gods ArcheAge: Garden of the Gods
ArcheAge: Garden of the Gods ArcheAge: Garden of the Gods ArcheAge: Garden of the Gods ArcheAge: Garden of the Gods

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