Make a name for yourself with over 20 crafting Proficiencies from Alchemy and Tailoring to Printing, Larceny, Artistry, and more. You’ll gain skill in each Proficiency simply by performing its activities: mine to increase your Mining level, make wood furniture to increase Carpentry, and so on.

Crafting forms the backbone of ArcheAge’s in-game economy, providing players with another way to shape the world. The whole crafting process is divided into three parts: harvesting (gathering raw materials), processing (converting raw materials in components), and production (converting components into completed items). Each stage requires an investment of Labor Points and is governed by various crafting skills.

When you reach 10,000 points in a Proficiency, it will be capped until you choose to unlock that specific skill as a specialization. You can raise any number of Proficiencies to 10,000, but every character has a limited number specializations available to them. It is possible to increase that number by using a Specialization Snowflake. In addition, you can also change your specializations by surrendering the additional points you have accrued in a skill and freeing up a specialization slot.

The benefits of specializing in additional tiers of a Proficiency are increased action speed (when harvesting or crafting), decreased Labor costs, increased chance to gain rare items when gathering, and access to skill-locked crafting recipes.

Proficiencies – What will you Create?

  • Alchemy

    Processing, Production

    Oils, Pigments, Polishes, Dyes, Potions, Synthesis Materials

  • Carpentry

    Processing, Production

    Lumber, Wooden Weapons, Furniture, Boat and Structure Support Materials

  • Commerce


    Trade Packs

  • Artistry


    Sheet Music, Music Accessories, Luxury Items

  • Construction

    Processing, Production

    Structure Support Items, Building Materials, Tax and Land Expansion Certificates

  • Cooking


    Food and Drink Consumables, Bread and Soup Consumables, Feasts

  • Farming


    Vegetables, Grains

  • Fishing



  • Gathering


    Herbs, Flowers, Vegetation

  • Handicrafts


    Fishing Items, Instruments, Jewelry, Lunagems, Housing Decorations

  • Husbandry


    Poultry, Livestock, Farm Materials

  • Larceny


    Identifying Looted Items

  • Leatherworking

    Processing, Production

    Leather, Leather Armor

  • Logging


    Trees, Wood

  • Machining

    Processing, Production

    Ship Components, Gliders, Vehicles, Reforging

  • Masonry


    Bricks, Dice, Runes, Ammunition, Regrade Items

  • Metalwork

    Processing, Production

    Ingots, Plate Armor

  • Mining


    Ore, Stone, Gems

  • Printing

    Processing, Production

    Paper, Books, Spell Books, Regrade Items, Buffs

  • Tailoring

    Processing, production

    Fabric, Cloth Armor

  • Weaponry


    Metal Weapons


The Folio is a specialized menu that contains every crafting recipe in ArcheAge, including those that are zone-specific, dungeon-related, or otherwise not associated with a specific crafting skill. While recipes are always shown while at the appropriate workbench, the Folio allows you to access them anytime and anywhere.

Equipment Encyclopedia

The Equipment Encyclopedia is your one-stop reference for all of ArcheAge’s gear options. The Encyclopedia allows you to look up the stats on different pieces of gear, see what happens when you change their grade, get insight into how many Equipment Points they’ll provide when equipped, and even compare them to the items that you’re currently wearing.