Flash Your Flair and Show Off Your Stuff!

Starting on the 2nd of January, the new Male and Female Nuian Mannequins will be available on the marketplace! Time to glam it up!

Male + Female Nuian Mannequins

We all have that little voice inside us when we get a super cool costume telling us “go on, flaunt it!” and now you can! The new Mannequins will be permanently available on the Marketplace starting Thursday the 2nd of January!


• Players can dress the mannequin up in a costume
• No separate armor pieces can be equipped, only a one-piece costume
• Both mannequins are Bind on Pickup
• Mannequins are classified as “furniture” items
• There is no limit to the amount of times the costume on the mannequin can be changed
• Mannequins can only be placed on the floor