Elegance throughout Erenor


Elegance throughout Erenor

Starting October 17, 2019 until October 31, 2019 you can travel the seas with two different rowboats with your new butterfly pal!

Modernized Luxury

Strut your stuff around Erenor in this elegant and modernized lavender hanbok! With such luxurious fabrics, you’ll be the talk of the city!
Lavender Light – 2500 Credits

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly is elegant and easy to underestimate, but keep in mind not all is what it seems to be!
Have a chance to receive the Wrapped Butterfly Powerstone Pet from the Butterfly Crate.

Butterfly Crate – 450 Credits
Butterfly Powerstone Pet – 650 Loyalty

The Butterfly Powerstone Pet has a wrong translated buff called “Bless Ghost Groom and Bride”. The correct localization “Flower Blessing” will be added in the upcoming patches.

Row your Boat through the Sea!

Whether sailing in elegance sounds like a quacking good time to you, or if you prefer a more humble and camouflaged approach to getting across the treacherous seas – you’re guaranteed to find use of both of these boats!

Scroll: Winged Love Paddleboat – 1200 Credits
Scroll: Lonely Isle Dinghy – 1200 Credits

Become Stronger
Upgrade, temper and awaken your gear set to release your full potential and become the strongest hero in Erenor with these two packs!

Equipment Upgrade Pack – 7000 Credits
Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x50
Special Awakening Scroll Ticket x1
Decrystallization Scroll x2
Solar Temper x30
Lunar Temper x30
Bound Tempering Charm x2
Bound Anchoring Temper Charm x1

Limited to 1x per account!

An Amusement Park of one’s own

Now you can have the fun of an amusement park inside your house or on your yard!
Hold tight on this ride!

Square Frame – 100 Credits
Triangular Frame – 100 Credits
1×2 Square Frame – 200 Credits
2×4 Square Frame – 400 Credits
Trapezoid Frame – 200 Credits
Ramp Frame – 300 Credits
Straight Tracks – 100 Credits
Long Straight Tracks – 250 Credits
Curved Tracks – 250 Credits
Inclining Tracks – 250 Credits
Declining Tracks – 250 Credits
Straight Polkadot Tunnel Section – 100 Credits
Long Straight Polkadot Tunnel Section – 250 Credits
Curved Polkadot Tunnel Section – 250 Credits
Inclining Polkadot Tunnel Section – 100 Credits
Declining Polkadot Tunnel Section – 250 Credits
Rollercoaster Front Car – 300 Credits
Rollercoaster Rear Car – 300 Credits
Trampoline – 500 Credits
Yata Ship Ride – 800 Credits
Open Pack* – 1120 Credits
*(The name of the “Open Pack” will be updated to “Rollercoaster Tracks Pack” in the upcoming patches.)
Small Tunnel Pack – 1040 Credits
Rollercoaster Pack – 3160 Credits
Tunnel Pack – 1840 Credits

These deals sail away in two weeks, so don’t hesitate to grab them while they last!

The 30-Day Vocation Stipend and Labor Stipend for October still include labor potions and will be sold until end of October.
We won’t temporarily sell these monthly packages starting from November 1st.
Request Completion Tickets are currently not available in the Marketplace. We will let you know once they are back for Loyalty Tokens.

These offers are only available for the legacy version of ArcheAge.