School’s back!

Beginning August 30, 2019 until September 12, 2019 you will have the opportunity to get that school feeling – without having to actually attend it!

Besides from that, you can acquire new pets, great items and consumables with great discounts.

Bear Cubs!

Who doesn’t love cute cubs? They will increase your damage on PvE – and look super cute rolling around next to you!

Double Cub Crate – 450 Credits

With this crate you have a chance of acquiring:
Wrapped Crater Cub
Wrapped Ebonfur Cub

A Box filled with Surprises!
Can you imagine getting 5 items in different amounts for this price?

Surprise Box – 150 Credits

Obtain all 5 items below in different amounts:
Manastorm Crystal (From 3 to 5)
Loyalty Token (From 6 to 8)
Gilda Star (From 20 to 25)
Kyrios Badge (From 15 to 20)
Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 (2)

*Purchase limited to twice a day per account

Opening crates will give you one Merchant’s Favor for every crate you open. You can exchange Merchant’s Favors for mounts, gliders, costumes and more in Mirage Isle at the Merchant’s Favor Exchanger!

Synthesize your costumes!
Increase your stats with these consumables!

Costume Synthesis Pack – 1800 Credits
1x Synthesis Costume Ticket
120x Clear Synthium Shard
120x Vivid Synthium Shard
1x Bound Serendipity Stone

*Limited 1 per account

Go find your treasures!
Greedy for some new treasure? Don’t forget to get your pack before going on an adventure!

Treasure Hunt Pack – 1500 Credits
8x Bound Lucky Elixir
4x Bound Lucky Elixir Quicksilver Tonic
4x Bound Greedy Grimoire
4x Greedy Dwarven Elixir

*Limited 1 per account

Back to the Classroom!

Be the teacher or the student! Put your books in the lockbox, sit at your desk (or stand on top of it) or be the teacher and write on the chalkboard! Who said school can’t be fun?

Classroom Bundle – 2000 Credits
Classroom Desk
Classroom Chair
Classroom Chalkboard
Classroom Lecture Desk
Classroom Lockbox

Uniform season is in!

Now you can customize your uniforms and choose your favorite color! Besides that, you get the Back to School Bonus with it!

Dragon House Uniform Chroma – 3000 Credits
Leviathan House Uniform Chroma – 3000 Credits
Wyvern House Uniform Chroma – 3000 Credits
Kraken House Uniform Chroma – 3000 Credits

*The Back to School Pack contains:
1x Dye Ticket
1x Classroom Desk
1x Classroom Chair

Flying to School!

Avoid all that traffic and complete your school look with the amazing Backpack!

*Is not applicable to the Umbrella Magithopter and Cumulus Magithopter.

Magithopter Image: Backpack – 1200 Credits

Consumable Sale:
All these great items now have discounts up to 30% in the Marketplace!

Don’t miss the chance to save Credits with these great deals:
Get up to a 30% discount on useful consumables such as Tempering Charms, Resplendent Tempering Charms, Multi-Wagon Upgrade Tickets, Shatigon’s Sand and more!

These amazing sales only last two weeks, don’t forget!