Unicorns for your warfront!

Beginning August 15th, 2019 and ending on August 29th, 2019 you will have the opportunity to acquire our beloved unicorns!

Unicorns from dusk till dawn!

With the Twilight Unicorn Crate you have a chance to obtain Celestar or Lunaris.
These unicorns can bring either protection to you or vulnerability to your enemies, you can be invincible with their dash and also stealth in the face of too great danger!

Twilight Unicorn Crate – 450 Credits
This crate has a chance to drop one of two unicorn mounts:
Wrapped Celestar
Wrapped Lunaris

Celestar – 650 Loyalty
Lunaris – 650 Loyalty

Opening crates will give you one Merchant’s Favor for every crate you open. You can exchange Merchant’s Favors for mounts, gliders, costumes and more in Mirage Isle at the Merchant’s Favor Exchanger!

Armored and Dangerous

You can be a deadly warrior and also have an awesome costume that matches the threat you represent to your enemies!

Warfront Costume Pack – 4500 Credits

Oathbound Plate
Oathbreaker Plate
Siege Captain’s Mail
Dread Guard Armor

Black and Golden Undergarments!

You can choose to wear them under your armor or just them, it doesn’t matter, the boost on your stats will remain the same!

Wrapped Synthesis Undergarments Ticket – 1000 Credits

You can choose one of the four Synthesis Undergarments listed below:

Wrapped Black Pearl Undergarments
Wrapped Black Cat Undergarments
Wrapped Golden Undergarments
Wrapped Gold Cat Undergarments

Don’t get distracted by the beauty of the Unicorns because they’ll trot away in two weeks!