Drop it like it’s Blobby!

Lilja is an explorer, but she also loves to battle. This week she was craving some combat, so she started heading down to Halcyona armed with her best weapons! On her way there, she was passing by an enchanted lake, where there are legends about water elementals hiding in these waters.

Lilja was mesmerized by the sunlight reflected on the water when she saw a different glimpse, a drop was raising from the lake and it seems like it was even smiling?! Lilja rubbed her eyes as she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The water elemental chose her to follow around Erenor and off they went to challenge the fiercest warriors!

Beginning August 1st, 2019 and ending with the Marketplace Update on August 15th, 2019 you will have the opportunity to acquire a new incredi-bubble pet, some of our favorite gliders of all times and an awesome costume!

Drop Your Guard

A drop of water can protect you from the heaviest attacks, don’t underestimate it! Have a chance to receive Blobby in the Blobby Crates or grab him for Loyalty!

Blobby Crate – 450 Credits
Blobby – 650 Loyalty

Opening crates will give you one Merchant’s Favor for every crate you open. You can exchange Merchant’s Favors for mounts, gliders, costumes and more in Mirage Isle at the Merchant’s Favor Exchanger!

Gliding Away

This Manastorm Ticket gives you the hard choice between a magical cloud, a flying broom and a floating umbrella. Which one will you choose?
“Manastorm Ticket: Walking on Clouds – 3500 Credits:
Wrapped Cumulus Magithopter
Wrapped Enhanced Stormduster 1000*
Wrapped Enhanced Umbrella Magithopter

*The Manastorm Ticket description in-game shows the Wrapped Enhanced Stormduster is listed only as an Enhanced Stormduster. However, once you use the Manastorm Ticket you can choose to receive the Wrapped Enhanced Stormduster.

Black Sands Wants You!

If you always wanted to be one of the Black Sands warriors, now it’s your chance to get their costume!

Black Sands Costume – 3000 Credits
Bonus: 50 Manastorm Crystals

Don’t get blown away, these sales only last for two weeks!

**The Manastorm Ticket: Dynamic Duo, Rousing Rabbit Pajama Package and Naptime Yata Plushie sales ended slightly earlier than intended. Due to this, we are extending their sale for an additional week, and they will be available until the next Marketplace update on August 8th.