Sweet Dreams are made of These Deals

Lilja set out to explore Diamond Shores as she heard from locals that there was a strange cottage made of sweets. Through a lot of patience and walking she found the cottage, with a cake-like walls and pie trimmed windows. She decided after a long journey, she could use a snack and knocked on the chocolate door. There was no answer. Lilja became impatient and decided that the peppermint door frame could make a good snack while she waited.

Just as Lilja reached for the peppermint door trim, a Little Witch opened the door! Lilja was surprised and readied herself to battle with her Royal Aust Nodachi, only to find that the Little Witch was one she met on one of her previous adventures. The witch invited her inside and showed her the chocolate fountain, here she could craft more sugary decor! Lilja was impressed by the witch’s decorated house and decided to rest on the Sweet Dreams Bed after her long journey to the cottage. She woke up rejuvinated and invited the Little Witch on her next adventure to slay a Millenium Mammoth in Eastern Hiram Mountains!

Beginning July 25th, 2019 and ending on August 8th, 2019 you will be able to indulge in strawberry shortcake, ice cream, chocolate and more!

Silverware Not Included

With the Sweet Tooth Pack resting well is a piece of cake. Life can be a sweet dream with the Sweet Dreams Bed and the Desserted Cottage. The cottage comes with a chocolate fountain, allowing you to craft other sweets themed furniture. Housing decor will be a cakewalk!

Sweet Tooth Pack – 3500 Credits

Discovering the Mysteries

Choose between three different pets to learn of the mysteries that lie within. Shock and petrify your enemies with the Little Witch, Increase your damage output with the Conker’s Cube, or push your enemies away with the power of the Dreamwinder.

Manastorm Ticket: Mysterious Pets – 3500 Credits

Make a Splash

Enjoy a splash filled ride with the new Aquestria Mount. Aquestria knows a lot of tricks and she can even dive, do acrobatics and detect all ships and drydocks within 200m!

Wrapped Aquestria Mount – 3500 Credits
BONUS: Summer Nights Swimwear

Royal Pains

The royal guards of the Aust Kingdom carried these weapons to defend their great king. These weapon skins are simple, elegant, and great for killing beasts and enemies alike!

Royal Aust Weapon Crate – 500 Credits
Credits Royal Aust Shield – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Sword – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Greatsword – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Katana – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Nodachi – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Dagger – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Shortspear – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Longspear – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Scepter -200 Credits
Royal Aust Staff – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Club – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Greatclub – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Axe – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Greataxe – 200 Credits
Royal Aust Bow – 200 Credits

Don’t wait too long, these sweet deals are set to expire in two weeks!