Rum Runner Festival 2019

The Rum Runner Festival has begun!
Head to Rookborne Basin to reenact the dangerous acts of the risk-taking band of booze smugglers.

Assist the locals with various tasks around the festival grounds and get to racing down the Loka River. Get ready to make a splash down Loka Falls, and don’t break your barrel! Visit the locals in Rookborne Basin and Windscour Savannah daily to stock up on the Rum Runner Tokens. Surin will appear 3 times a day with additional opportunities to win some tokens.

Exchange your tokens for various rewards such as a Bubble Mount, a unique title, housing decor and stylish costumes. There is also a variety of stout refreshments available to quench your thirst after a difficult race.

Make sure to get your fill, as this booze-filled festival ends August 6, 2019.