Astral Nautic summer!

That heat wave is getting intense, isn’t it? Naturally, all Erenorians can only think of one thing: enjoy the summer by the water… Lilja herself couldn’t stand the boiling weather, so she grabbed her Moonlight Kitsu and ran towards Sanddeep! There, she heard from merchants about swimsuit and nautical outfits sales… How exquisite!

She was trying the Auroran Navy Uniform, a cute navy blue nautical dress with a sailor cap to match, when she was almost blinded by the starry reflection of new weapon skins!
Did the stars fall from the sky? Was she floating in space? Maybe…
Actually, Lilja just bumped into the Astral Scepter, a cosmical weapon decorated with a constellation to light her way into the brief hours of summer darkness!

Beginning July 11th, 2019 and ending on July 26th, 2019 you will have the opportunity to get your hands on new nautical costumes, swimwear, and beach outfits to get into the summer mood! Not to mention the – now available – luminous weapon skins to brighten up your darkest hours!

Ahoy, Sailor!

With this pack, you get three beautiful Nautical themed costumes!

Nautical Costume Pack – 2500 Credits:
Rowdy Shore Leave Outfit
Auroran Navy Uniform
Arrogant Duelist Costume

Different Swimwear Outfits to suit the summer!
More swimsuits and beach outfit options to summerize your character!

Nuian Navy Uniform – 1400 Credits
Shining Shore Leave Outfit – 1400 Credits
Summer Nights Swimwear – 1400 Credits
Sea Krait Swimsuit – 1400 Credits
Beach Racer’s Swimwear – 1400 Credits
Summer Racer’s Swimwear – 1400 Credits

Astral Weapons!
These weapons fell directly from the sky! Dazzling constellations will brighten your weapons and attract looks from far away galaxies!

Starry Star Weapon Image Collection:
Astral Shield – 200 Credits
Astral Sword – 200 Credits
Astral Greatsword – 200 Credits
Astral Katana – 200 Credits
Astral Nodachi – 200 Credits
Astral Dagger – 200 Credits
Astral Shortspear – 200 Credits
Astral Longspear – 200 Credits
Astral Scepter – 200 Credits
Astral Staff – 200 Credits
Astral Club – 200 Credits
Astral Greatclub – 200 Credits
Astral Axe – 200 Credits
Astral Greataxe – 200 Credits
Astral Bow – 200 Credits
Astral Weapon Crate (Select 3 weapon skins) – 500 Credits

For the ones with a green thumb!
With the Mysterious Planthouse you can acquire materials for farming and gathering, takes only 1.7m, can be harvested up to 10 times and you can “plant” it not only in your land! But be careful, it might become public property if placed outside of protected land!
Mysterious Planthouse – 100 Credits

You’ll be the star of Erenor in these wonderful summer costumes and cosmic weapons.

Stop staring and go get them! You have two weeks before they become stardust and sand in two weeks!