Fungus colony!

Coming back from the Eastern Hiram Mountains, Lilja went to visit her friend Anryn, the dwarf and was fascinated by her new house: it’s mushroom shaped, it has three muddy fields to plant beautiful flowers, a trimmer to process them and a teleporter from the ground level to the upper level, where there’s an attic to store the gifts Lilja brought to Anryn from Eastern Hiram Mountains.
After paying this visit to her best friend, she decided to built her own Raised Mushroom House, decorate it the way she thinks best and have her deserve rest after so many explorings.
Beginning July 4th, 2019 and ending on July 19th, 2019 you will have the opportunity get a new amazing house and new pieces of furniture to decorate it!

A Mushroom is a home!
This new house is not only beautiful to look at! It’s a 24x24m house that comes with three planting fields, a Multipurpose Trimmer, an attic on the second floor, a Memory Hearth to return to a specific location you can choose and you can also receive two daily quests with the Mushroom House Jar! Talk about multitasking, right?
Wait, there’s more! If  you already have the Forest Mushroom House, you can upgrade it to the Raised Mushroom House!
Raised Mushroom House Design – 5000 Credits

Decor to match!
If your house is a mushroom, you can follow the theme and match the furniture! If your house is not a mushroom, these pieces of furniture are still very cool for any decoration! These items can be purchased as a bundle or individually.
Mushroom Decor Bundle – 3600 Credits
1 Mushroom Mattress
1 Carved Stump Table
2 Toadstool
1 Mushroom Carpet
1 Mushroom Table Lamp
2 Mushroom Wall Lamps
Mushroom Plushie

A Brilliant Gift!
With this item you have the chance to get from 2 to 50 Brilliant Hiram Infusions! But be aware that you can only purchase it once a day per account!
Brilliant Hiram Infusion – 500 Credits
Don’t miss these offers, in two weeks they’ll be turned into spores!