Pets and Chests!

In her explorings, Lilja is collecting not only the items she’s looting from the monsters, but also everything she finds interesting for the people who still haven’t been in the Eastern Hiram Mountains.
For this reason she’s expanding her bag with the new chests and trunks the Daru sent her!
Walking around the northern side of the Frozen Highlands Lilja saw something white, slim and small jumping gracefully. It was her first encounter with an Arctic Kitsu and she was fascinated by the animal. Even though at first the Kitsu was easily startled, soon they became good friends and explored all the corners of the Hiram Mountains together!
Beginning June 27th, 2019 and ending on July 11th, 2019 you will have the chance of expanding your storage capacity, get new great pets and enjoy some sales on useful items!

New Packages!
Did you already check out the new monthly packages?
Eastern Hiram is screaming for stronger adventurers so those come in handy! Those packages can be purchased once per account per month!
Glorious Hiram Pack contains:
Glorious Hiram Infusion x20
Brillant Runescribe Quill x2
Decrystallization Scroll x1

Brillant Hiram Infusions Pack contains:
Brillant Hiram Infusion x20

Upgrade your Storage!
Tired of running out of space? Now you have the chance to expand your storage with trunks and chest specifically for each category, such as furniture. The storage units have 30 slots, with a possibility of expanding them with an Expansion Scroll!
Furniture Chest – 1200 Credits
Music Chest – 1200 Credits
Instrument Trunk – 1200 Credits
Design Chest – 1200 Credits

NOTE: Storage chests must be emptied before upgrading.

Each chest is only available once per character!

New Best Friends!
With this Manastorm Ticket (which is bound on pickup) you can choose between three amazing pets to be your new adventure companions!
Also, with the new update “Echoes of Hiram” new achievements for the pets have been added. Check them out!
Manastorm Ticket: Loyal Pets – 1100 Credits
Arctic Kitsu Whistle
Black Sabrefang
Sea Turtle Pet

All these great items now have discounts up to 30% in the Marketplace!
Character Slot Scroll
Family Growth Ticket
Family Name Change Ticket
Guild Name Change Ticket
Proficiency Decrease Certificate
Skillsaver Pendant
Migration Scale
Auction License
Salon Certificate
Gender Swap Certificate

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to expand your inventory, storage and friends, so keep your eyes on these sales, as they only last for two weeks!