Take a Beak at our new sales! 

We would like to introduce Lilja, she’s a young Haranyan with a heart for adventure! Despite her age, she has been seen in all corners of Erenor and she’s always the first to try out every new thing we have in-game and in our Marketplace.

This week Lilja was bored decided to change things a bit by adding some new color in her Costume. After dyeing the Fae Yata Chroma Costume to a beautiful tone of yellow, she took flight with her new best friend Goldenbeak, the Eagle and went on an adventure. They went all the way to Mirage Isle and saw the preparations for the Easter Festival. Unfortunately, they couldn’t tell us more, as one of the Daru threatened to not let them come back if they ruined the surprise!

Beginning April 4th, 2019 and ending on April 18th, 2019 you will have the opportunity to fly high with the Eagle Glider, Chroma Yata Costumes and Serendipity Stone.

Are you eagle to fly higher?

Looking for a fierce new companion to flight over Erenor? The Eagle is not only a glider, but a beautiful and bold creature who loves to explore new places through the skies.

Eagle Glider Crate: 450 Credits

Dyeable Yatas?!

Bored of the same old Costumes? They’re sure very cute, but sometimes we just want them in our favorite color, right?

Yata Chroma Costumes for either 2000 Credits or 400 Loyalty

True Blue Yata Chroma
Cheerberry Yata Chroma
Blackjack Yata Pirate Chroma
Bloody Adorable Yata Pirate Chroma
Fae Yata Chroma
Franken-Yata Chroma
Prince Yateo Chroma
Winter Yata Chroma

Change your luck!

Bound Serendipity Stone Sale: 700 credits
(3 per account)

Don’t miss out, because this sale is to dye for!