Elegant Wings and Mysterious Things

Starting March 28th, 2019 and ending on April 11th, 2019 soar to new heights with the new Enhanced Astra Wings or pick up the ethereal dragon battle pet that’s fueled by Mana of its enemies. Not to mention, get 50x Manastorm Crystals as a bonus by purchasing the following items:

What Dreams are Made Of:
The Dreamwinder battle pet is unlike any other. It can use its mana as an alternate health pool and steal mana from its enemies, making it a strong ally to confront your opponents. It can even knock back foes when in a tight spot.

  • Wrapped Dreamwinder: 3000 Credits
    • BONUS: 50x Manastorm Crystals


Reach Elegant Heights:
Experience new heights with the Manastorm Ticket: Elegant Wings. Choose between the Wrapped Enhanced Faelight Wings, Wrapped Enhanced Astra Wings, and Wrapped Enhanced Twilight Wings. Each glider is Magithopter grade and has their own special skills, which will you choose?

  • Manastorm Ticket: Elegant Wings: 3000 Credits
    • BONUS: 50x Manastorm Crystals

These sales won’t last for long, so don’t miss out on these deals before they glide away!