We’ve Bean Thinking About Mansions

Starting March 21st, 2019 and ending on April 4th, 2019 grow your own magic Beanstalk to use as a base for you house. If magic beanstalk houses aren’t your thing, you can pick up a Celestial Kitsu and more from the Starter Pack!

A Fairytale Dream Come True: 

  • Design: Beanstalk Mansion: 10000 Credits 
    • BONUS: 400x Tax Certificate  

Let’s Get Started:

  • Starter Pack: 2500 Credits 
    • Wrapped Celestial Kitsu 
    • Wrapped Enhanced Skywhisper Glider 

Watch Your Temper: 

  • Anchoring Temper Charm: 1500 Credit 
    • Eliminates the chance of failing tempering 
    • Does not increase the probability of success

These sales won’t last for long, so don’t miss out on these deals before they glide away!