Have you Herd? More mounts are here!

Beginning March 14th, 2019 and ending March 28th, 2019 grab some new mounts. A Manastorm is brewing and there’s so much to choose from!

Have you Herd? The Buffalo are Back:

  • Brave Bison Crate: 450 Credits
    • Brave Bison: 650 Loyalty
    • Brave Bison Helm: 50 Loyalty
    • Brave Bison Saddle: 60 Loyalty
    • Brave Bison Legguard: 65 Loyalty

A Manastorm is Brewing:

  • Manastorm Ticket: Mounts of Strength: 4000 credits
    • Choose one of the following mounts:
      • Wrapped Stormwing Pegasus
      • Siegeram Taurus Bundle
      • Wrapped Steel Lightning

This herd won’t be here for long, so make sure to grab it before it moves on!