Ride into Romance on the new Deathmaw!

Starting on February 7th and ending on February 21st, 2019 you can roll into the marketplace to pick up the brand new Deathmaw Mount and some fresh Valentine’s Style for your wardrobe and home!


Become an expert Navi-gator:

It has sharp teeth, is stealthy and can thrash the distracted opponents with its tail. It came directly from Hellswamp and only the dauntless can ride it and even take a ride on it.

  • Deathmaw Crate: 450 Credits
    • Deathmaw: 650 Loyalty
      • Mount can carry two people.
      • Can only use new pet gear.
    • Deathmaw Helm: 50 Loyalty
    • Deathmaw Saddle: 60 Loyalty
    • Deathmaw Legguards: 65 Loyalty

Making a Home Together:

Home can be anywhere you want. For us, home is where our heart is, so bring your tent, light the campfire on, sit down and appreciate the fireworks with your significant other.

  • Wrapped Rustic Valentine’s Furniture Bundle: 3000 Credits
    • Trysting Tent: 2200 Credits
      • Get a good night’s rest and gain 150 Labor
      • Non-tradeable
    • Romantic Campfire: 350 Credits
      • Non-tradeable
      • Lovers’ Log Bench: 350 Credits
    • Sitting with someone else provides a heart effect
      • Non-tradeable
    • Cupid’s Fireworks: 400 Credits
      • Fires fireworks when interacted with
      • Non-tradeable

Get some Lovely New Threads:

Sometimes you feel divided by listening the Devil or the Angel in your head? Become one of them! With our costumes you can chose between good and evil every day. Don’t feel like choosing? Just let it shine like the morning Sun!

  • Devilish Temptation: 2500 Credits
    • Bind on acquire
  • Golden Dawn: 2500 Credits
    • Bind on acquire
  • Angelic Whisper: 2500 Credits
    • Bind on acquire

Kill them with Kindness:

You’re a warrior, but that doesn’t mean you can be cute. Chocolates, flowers and sweets can be deadly! Beware!

  • Blossom Bulwark: 200 Credits
  • Fragrant Fencer: 200 Credits
  • Garland Greatsword: 200 Credits
  • Bouquet Blade: 200 Credits
  • Nosegay Nodachi: 200 Credits
  • Backstab Boutonniere: 200 Credits
  • Perennial Poker: 200 Credits
  • Perennial Pike: 200 Credits
  • Sweet Sprinkle Scepter: 200 Credits
  • Sweet Sprinkle Staff: 200 Credits
  • Marshmallow Masher: 200 Credits
  • Marshmallow Maul: 200 Credits
  • Chocolate Chopper: 200 Credits
  • Bonbon Beheader: 200 Credits
  • Sugarshot Bow: 200 Credits
  • Macaron Mandolin: 200 Credits
  • Floral Flute: 200 Credits

This sweet sale won’t last for long, so don’t wait! Surprise your significant other or treat yourself to some lovely new items this Valentine’s Day.