See the World with Mr.Mittens!

Starting January 17th and ending on January 31st, 2019 you can build your own Mr.Mittens mount from our marketplace!

Do you want to build a Snowman?:

  • Mittens Crate: 450 Credits
    • Mittens: 650 Loyalty
      • High jump height!
      • Only can equip the new pet gear
    • Snowman Hat: 50 Loyalty
    • Snowman Saddle: 60 Loyalty
    • Snowman Mittens: 65 Loyalty

Become a Winter Messenger:

  • Winter Messenger Costume: 3000 Credits

Upgrades, Get your Upgrades!

  • Multi-Wagon Upgrade Ticket x10: 3500 credits
    • Limited 1 per account
    • Changes the appearance of farm vehicles.
  • Requesting Completion Ticket x5: 100 Credits
    • Permanent addition!
    • This item can complete the registered Crafting Request immediately.
    • The amount of time required to craft determines the amount of tickets needed
  • Requesting Completion Ticket x10: 200 Credits
  • Splendid Lunagem Charm: 1 Gold
    • Offer active until 2/14!
    • Consumes 50 Labor per Regrade.
    • Changes the existing Crafting Lunagem to Enhanced Lunagem

Don’t wait, Mr.Mittens is looking forward to seeing you!