Obtain a new look with these costumes!

Starting January 24th and ending on February 7th, 2019 you can visit the marketplace for some new threads! Will you choose the path of the reckless ravager or live in the lap of luxury in our dynasty robe? What about choosing a less taken path and be come a secret agent with many faces and costumes?


Become a Reckless Ravager:

  • Reckless Ravager Crate: 450 Credits
    • Reckless Ravager Plate: 650 Loyalty
      • Changes the visual effects of Running and Rapid Strike skills.


Enjoy the Comfort of Dynasty Robes:

  • Ebongleam Dynasty Robes: 2000 Credits
    • Removeable Hat
  • Icefall Dynasty Robes: 2000 Credits
    • Removeable Hat
  • Blood Dream Dynasty Robes: 2000 Credits
    • Removeable Hat.

Become a Secret Agent:

  • Secret Agent Costume Pack: 2600 Credits
    • Chimera Agent Uniform
    • Eclipse Knight Costume
    • Inquisitor’s Robes

There are many paths to choose, which one attracts your eyes? Don’t forget, this is a great time to refresh your wardrobe too!