Start off the New Year Right with the Little Witch!

Beginning January 3rd and ending on January 17th, 2019 make sure to visit our marketplace to adopt some new pets and other goodies!

Crates and Witches and Squires, Oh My!

  • Little Witch Crate: 450 Credits
    • Has a chance to drop the Little Witch Pet.
  • Little Witch: 650 Loyalty
    • Uses ranged basic attacks and has a unique concept of location movement! Can equip battle pet gear.
  • Wrapped Narayana Squire: 1500 Credits
    • Tradeable until unwrapped.

Keep on Re-Rollin’ with Serendipity Stone:

  • Bound Serendipity Stone: 700 Credits
    • Limited 3 per account.

This sale is positively magical, so don’t miss out!