ArcheAge – Winter Festivities

Celebrate the spirit of the holidays in Erenor with warm, winter wardrobes and a good, old-fashioned snowball fight of fury!

Snowball Arena Arrives on December 19

Teams of 3 will face off in a brutal, snowy brawl in the new Snowball Arena! Queue up using the normal arena UI and prepare for merry mayhem.

Select one of these buffs before the match begins:

  • Frozen Snowballs: Grants 2 stacks of Chill to enemies hit by Throw Snowball, which reduces their move speed
  • Whirlwind Blizzard: Increases the damage dealy by Blizzard
  • Expert Thrower: Reduces Mana Cost and Cooldown of Snow Bomb

Once in the arena match you’ll be able to use these skills: Dash, Throw Snowball, Blizzard, Snow Bomb and Teleportation.

Ice Bubbles will appear during the match. Destroy them with Snow Bombs to trigger a variety of effects.

If you spot a snowman during the match, take him down. Be very cautious when you see the snowman, because he may turn you into an adorable snowman minion!

Rewards for the arena:

  • Victory: 3 Kyrios Badges, 3 Mysterious Hiram Infusions, and 5 Snowball Tokens
  • Defeat: 1 Kyrios Badge, 1 Mysterious Hiram Infusion, and 2 Snowball Tokens
  • Draw: 1 Kyrios Badge, 1 Mysterious Hiram Infusion, and 2 Snowball Tokens

Snowball Token Rewards:

  • Labor Reward: 500
  • Bound Serendipity Stone
  • Book: The Snow Thief Part 1
  • Book: The Snow Thief Part 2
  • Snowman Table (reduces sleep time -33%)
  • Frozen Snowflower Pipe (instrument)
  • Decorative Snowflower Pipe (housing decor)
  • Cupcake Whimsy Hat
  • Beribboned Cupcake Whimsy Hat
  • Snowman Cupcake Hat
  • Decorative Cupcake (housing decor)
  • Decorative Santa Cupcake (housing decor)
  • Decorative Beribboned Cupcake (housing decor)

Before the Snowball Arena arrives, we’re introducing a brand-new outfit to the store: the Lutesong Ceremonial Robe! This limited time costume will only be available from December 13 – 17.

Plus, from December 13 through January 3, we’re bringing back some wintry wares, packs, and weapon skins, just in time for the holidays!

  • Noble’s Winter Coat
  • Icekissed Winter Festival Costume
  • Poinsettia Winter Festival Costume
  • Winter Yata Costume
  • Springsong Greenman Suit
  • Holiday Snow Cow Costume
  • Twinkling Decor Bundle
  • Snowy Decor Bundle
  • Large Winter Maiden Decor Bundle
  • Small Winter Maiden Decor Bundle
  • Kyprosa’s Pack
  • Wrapped Kyprosa’s Lunastone
  • Kyprosa’s Lunastone