ArcheAge Black Friday & Double Up Event

ArcheAge is getting into the seasonal spirit with Black Friday deals and a Double Up event from November 20 – 27!

Get double the APEX and Credits from any APEX or Credit Pack available in the store. This exceptional bonus is available on Legacy and Fresh Start servers for both Patrons and non-Patrons alike.

In addition to the bonus APEX and Credits you’ll also save between 30-50% off most items in the Marketplace.

Play ArcheAge on Steam? Between November 21 and November 27 you can save 50% off the Legends Return Starter Pack exclusively available on Steam!

Plus, between November 22 and December 6, you can also pick up Black Friday Surprise Boxes for 150 Credits each. These limited time boxes contain:

  • 3-5 Manastorm Crystal
  • 6-8 Loyalty Token
  • 20-25 Gilda Star
  • 15-20 Kyrios Badges
  • 2 Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5

Last, but not least, also starting on November 22 there are 8 different limited time Black Friday Memorial Lockboxes available for 450 Credits each:

  • Frost Dragon Crate
  • Soulscar Box
  • Typhoon Drake Crate
  • Fledgling Phoenix Crate
  • Dreamwinder Crate
  • Lavaspark Crate
  • Nightfire Glider Crate
  • Umbrella Magithopter Crate