Set Sail With Moby Drake!

Have a whale of a time with your new Moby Drake ship! The weather has finally cooled off a little – perfect for your fishing holiday!

Announcing the Novice Fishing Pack! This one pack includes everything you need, at just 2,500 Credits!


Moby Drake Ship
The Austerian Shipwright’s Guild has installed an anima-powered engine from the Tigerspine Automaton Factory into this boat. We think you’ll love it for the terrific whale figurehead alone, but it’s also quite a good fishing vessel.
The crane can hold 2 large fish and the water tank can accommodate 5 small or medium fish. Seven fish is a pretty good haul!
This Wrapped Moby Drake gives you both the ship and a Celestial Andelph Fishing Boat Propellant!


Fishing Gear
Cloaked Novice’s Fishing Rod
50x Chum Bucket (sounds awful, works great!)
50x Sport Fishing Lure


Look the part, sailor!
The Aurorian Navy Uniform is just what you need to strike a crisp, ship-shape pose! Equally fetching in male and female styling, this is a sure-fire winner.


Weigh anchor and set sail today!

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