Producer’s Letter – October 2018



I’m Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai, the Executive Producer of ArcheAge at Trion Worlds. It has been a busy time for ArcheAge as we wrap up its 4th anniversary celebrations, eagerly await Server Evolutions, and prepare to release its 5.0 update, Relics of Hiram, on October 24th!

ArcheAge NA/EU celebrated it’s fourth birthday on September 16th, 2018 and time has flown by at lightning speed since launch. It seems like only yesterday we were conquering Auroria, nominating Heroes, building Nations, and fighting Titans. In that time, drastic improvements have been made to legacy game systems like equipment enhancement, crafting, and lunagems. The Hiram equipment line has proven to be my favorite mostly due to how accessible it is to players of all calibers.

We’ve spent the last six months working more closely with the XLGAMES design team than we ever have. It’s remarkable that even after so much time has passed, the original designers of ArcheAge are still on the project, including Jake Song. This core group, who dare to create game systems that most developers would shy away from, are of paramount importance to the game, and I personally look forward to seeing their next monumental creations.


Server Evolutions

The teams at XLGAMES and Trion Worlds have been working ardently to ensure our Legacy Servers experience a positive future, and a necessary part of that future includes Server Evolutions. We refer to them as “evolutions” rather than “merges” due to the format; two or more worlds join together as a completely new world, instead of one world merging into another existing one. Here’s a breakdown of which servers will be joined and the names for the new Legacy worlds:


North America
Aranzeb, Kyrios, Reckoning, Vengeance, and Kraken will evolve into Aria
Conviction and Thunderwing will evolve into Kadum

Shatigon, Eanna, and Prophecy will evolve into Taris
Tempest and Retribution will evolve into Jakar

*Fresh Start servers Nui-NA and Ezi-EU will not participate in the evolution at this time.

The decisions around how to best blend the servers together were made using supportive data like world population, faction balance, overall server participation, economy, residence ownership, and other factors. More information on Server Evolutions can be found on our FAQ.



Relics of Hiram (5.0+)

ArcheAge’s expansive world supports many play styles and I’m happy to say that the upcoming 5.0 update adds something for everyone. Here’s some information on these new additions:

For the first time ever, we’re adding a new skill set: Malediction! This means 45 new class combinations and, if that wasn’t enough, the Ancestral Level Cap has increased from 7 to 34. These two great additions will certainly impact the meta; how will you prepare?

Explorers will rejoice as we uncover another fabled Auroria zone: Western Hiram Mountains. This expansive landscape is the ancestral home of the Hiram, a race of time-lost protectors of The Garden. In the remnants of their once great society, materials to craft Brilliant Hiram weapons and equipment (Tier 3) will be discovered.

Player housing customization reaches new heights with the ability to customize the floors, walls, and ceilings of small and medium-sized houses. Upload a User Created Content (UCC) image to your game client, turn it into a Crest Stamp, and you’ll be able to decorate until your heart’s content. Houses aren’t the only way our personalization systems have evolved: dyeable costumes and outfits can now be tinted using a full spectrum of colors!

We’ve added Achievements for collecting iconic ArcheAge mounts. You’ll earn rewards for each achievement, and when you complete them all, the Andelph Drakora mount will be yours. It’s pretty much the best looking gliding mount in the game… in my opinion.

There are other great additions coming with Relics of Hiram including: changes to how tradepacks are valued (now based on duration); a reformatted and more powerful tempering system; and even the ability to queue for multiplayer arenas as a team!


On the Relics of Hiram pre-launch Livestream on October 19th, we will offer Twitch Drops for the first time for ArcheAge! Join us to win a Dark Shaman’s Raiment! The stream starts at 1:30 PM PDT!


Get Prepped!
There’s a lot to prepare for in Relics of Hiram and not much time to do it, so start getting ready now! For all the latest info on the upcoming expansion, make sure to keep an eye on our blog. Additionally, join Socke, Brasse, and me on Fridays as we discuss upcoming content and answer questions on our weekly ArcheAge stream. We’re also working on some great contests, and should have more details on them soon. With Server Evolutions and 5.0 right around the corner, there’s a lot to be excited for in the expansive world of ArcheAge. We can’t wait to see you there!


Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai
Executive Producer, ArcheAge

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