Veroe Weapon Skins & Yata Decor!

Fancy, functional… fatal. A magical, sky-blue power imbues these weapons, available NOW!

Available on Legacy and Fresh Start today!


Veroe Weapon Crate – 500 Credits

  • Choose one of 15 Veroe weapon skin styles with each crate!


Wrapped Yata Decor Pack – 2,000 Credits

Includes ALL of the following!!

  • Yata Bonnet Bed
  • Yata End Table
  • Royal Yata Vanity
  • Royal Yata Vanity Chair
  • Royal Yata Table
  • Royal Yata Chair
  • Doublepaw Table
  • Royal Yata Rug
  • Royal Yata Loveseat
  • Starry Yata Night Light
  • Yata Music Box

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