Server Evolution 2018 with FAQ!

On October 17-18th, 2018, several ArcheAge servers will evolve to better balance populations! Read on to find out what’s coming!

The ground under your feet begins to rumble, the first indication of sweeping change in store for the lands of Erenor. Soon you will find new allies and new foes as servers evolve together!

On October 17, 2018, servers will come down for 24 hours:
North America: 12:00 Noon PDT
Europe: 14:00 UTC (07:00 PDT)
Important: Land placement will be locked until Saturday, October 20th – time is currently slated for 12:00 (noon) for each region.

The 5.0 Update will take place after the evolution, tentatively scheduled for October 23rd (EU) and October 24th (NA). Please watch for updates as we get closer to the dates!


The new server names are not set yet, but we know what’s going where!

NA EVOLUTION 1: Aranzeb, Kyrios, Reckoning, Vengeance, Kraken

NA EVOLUTION 2: Conviction, Thunderwing

Nui remains as is.

EU EVOLUTION 1: Shatigon, Eanna, Prophecy

EU EVOLUTION 2: Tempest, Retribution

Ezi will remain as is.
The Auction Houses will not be changing, with Merged Servers sharing an Auction House for each region as usual, and Fresh Start remaining separate.
New auction postings will be blocked for 50 hours prior to the time of the merge.

UPDATE: SEPT 12/18: Our full FAQ is now below and the official question/feedback thread is now up here:
We’ll also discuss it further on our Sept 14th livestream, with Khrolan!

~The ArcheAge Team


Server Evolution 2018 FAQ


Here are our current dates for everything related to the Evolution process:

October 4th: Timed buff items will be removed from the Marketplace, 2 weeks prior to the Evolution.

October 7th: The Siege slated for this day will be blocked.

October 9th: At this time, specific 7 day buffs will be blocked so no one can use them by accident and lose them early.

October 14th: Auction Houses will be locked. No new auctions can be created on any Evolution server. This does not apply to Fresh Start.

October 17-18th: ArcheAge will be unavailable as we perform Evolution related maintenance.

October 18th: Europe and North America will be brought back online at separate times. During these periods, we may launch a single server at a time in order to control server loads and give everyone a chance to log in. AFK kick will be enabled on Evolution worlds. During this time there may be queues on Evolution worlds due to the number of players attempting to log in at once.

October 20th: Land Rush begins. Time TBD.


During the Evolution you will receive the following:

All of your fully-built homes/farms/structures will be reimbursed as full kits. Full kits are housing designs that can be immediately placed in the world without requiring any resources or labor to build. You will also receive 5 weeks worth of Bound Tax Certificates, regardless of your pre-pay status.

Tradepacks placed in the world will not be carried over. We recommend turning in packs prior to the Evolution.
Furniture items in your home will be returned to you via the standard demolition process, and that includes items in chests. Items that are normally not returned due to a demolition will be returned to you after the Evolution is completed. Livestock and plants will not be returned to you. Décor Limit Increases will be re-sent to you after the Evolution is completed. Décor Limit Increase will be preserved.
Families will be kept in this evolution! The Family name, members and size will be retained.
Guilds will be disbanded, outside of the Guild Leader, who will keep the Guild Name. Upon arriving in the Evolution server, the Guild Leader will have to re-invite his Guild Members.


Guild Leaders will also receive Guild Contribution items and Guild Ribbons to restore their Guild Level. These ribbons will be bound and guild level specific: A level 2 ribbon will move a guild from level 1 to 2. Guild leaders will be given an additional Oath Ribbon to make up for any XP they may have had in their leveling state.
Prestige will be carried over via an item that grants 100 prestige. Any number below 100 is rounded up.
Crest Inks will be replaced with Bound Crest Brainstorms if a UCC is applied to it, otherwise will provide 5g per item.
UCC Crest Stamps will be replaced with a Memory Ink, UCCs applied to items will not be preserved.
Arena rank information will be preserved as-is.
Heroes will be removed and no Heroes will be on the council until the next election cycle. Current heroes will be granted a Golden Hero’s Chest, and all Hero Cloaks will be removed.
Diamond Shores Faction Bases in Auroria will be reverted to Rank 1, but Auoria Worldgates will be available from faction headquarters.
Nations will be disbanded outside of the Sovereign, who will keep the Nation name. Despite not owning a castle, Sovereigns will be able to invite new citizens to their nation as long as they are over level 50. If a Sovereign owns a Golden Wyvern mount, it will be preserved in their inventory as normal. If the Golden Wyvern is not fully completed before the Evolution, any progress made on it will be lost. Small Wyverns that are fully grown will be preserved, any in process will not be preserved.
Castle Lords will receive a full kit for each of their fully-built castle structures.
Dragon Mounts that are completed will be carried over in player’s inventory. Players that have a dragon mount in progress will receive compensation based upon the progress they have made. The owner will be provided the corresponding heart, and if they have completed the Scroll of the Eternal Flame step, they will receive one as well. For the following stages, the owner will receive the number of materials for Magic Amplifiers equal to the number they have turned in.
All items delivered to you via System Mail, such as your house demolitions and Evolution Compensation, will last for 1 year. Don’t worry about those items expiring unexpectedly or quickly out of your mailbox!


More Questions!
Q. How will you curtail land abuse when the Evolution servers open?
We will be monitoring servers closely. Anyone who abuses an exploit or uses a “land hack” will find their house swiftly demolished, and their account will receive disciplinary action to be determined by the Customer Service team. Don’t do it!
Additionally, our normal land rush rules will be in effect after the Evolution. You may only have two unbuilt plots per account at any one time, and the other rules will apply as well. Full Kits work around this rule as they are automatically completed once placed.


Q. Will land areas be placed into peace after the Evolution?
Yes! Peace will be enforced in all zones for 24 hours after the launch of the land rush on Evolution servers. This way players will have the best shot at claiming land without undue conflict.

Q. After the Evolution, how long will my items last?
There is no limit for anything you are wearing, anything in your inventory, or anything in your warehouse. Items being returned to you via mail will last 1 year in your mailbox.


Q. What will happen to furniture items that are normally destroyed in demolish?
These items will be copied and returned to you after the evolution. Never fear, your Fish Trophies and more will be saved.


Q. If our guild owns a castle during the Evolution period, what happens to our castle? Will we be compensated?
We are planning to reimburse the Lords of castles for each of the buildings they have placed in their domain.


Q. If players with the same names are moved onto the same new Evolution server, who gets to keep their name?
Priority of names will be determined in the following order:

  • Active Players who have logged in within 90 days of the evolution date
  • Higher level character takes priority.
  • Older name has priority.
  • In the case of a transfer request, if you transfer to a server where someone already has your name, you will be asked to choose a new name during the transfer process.
  • In case of duplicate names, the lower priority name will be renamed to “character name” + “world name” + “-X” For example, “Brasseconviction-X”
  • Note: if the final name becomes too long, the world name will be replaced with a number, for example, “Brasse54-X”

You will be able to change your name one time to something you prefer.


Q. If a house is unbuilt or in the process of being built, is it returned as a full kit?
It is not returned as a kit. Only fully completed houses are returned as a full kit. The standard design will be returned to you instead.


Q. Will there be a priority system in place for logins, such as Patrons being placed first in a queue?
Yes, a priority system will be in place for Patrons during the opening of the Evolution servers.


Q. Will AFK Kick be enabled on the new Evolution servers?
Yes, AFK Kick will be enabled on the new Evolution servers during their launch.


Q. Will North America and Europe come online at the same time?
North America and Europe servers will be brought online separately and at different times. This is to appropriately manage load on the servers. We will reconfirm the dates and times as we approach the live date.


Q. Will new character creation be closed prior to the Evolution period?
No! Feel free to keep making characters.


Q. As servers will be unavailable for 24 hours, will our Patron subscriptions be paused?
We will issue appropriate compensation for Patron status, Labor and Vocation after we arrive on the other side of Evolutions! Details to come.


Q. Will I keep all of my mail during a server Evolution?
Some recent mail will be kept, but most will not be. Please use the time prior to the Evolution to clean out your mailbox as we cannot guarantee which messages will make it to your new address.


Q. What happens to my friend list in an Evolution?
Your friends list will be kept intact, and those who may change their names will be listed on your list under their new names.


Q. What happens to my custom teleport list in an Evolution?
Your custom teleport list will be wiped in order to make sure no one has an advantage when claiming land on the Evolution server. The main teleport points in the game (dungeons, cities, etc.) will remain intact.


Q. Will you convert all pirates back to their original faction during the evolution downtime so that they can participate in the land rush as was initially the case on a fresh server?
No, pirates may spawn on Growlgate Isle but they are free to port to any static location that they may have obtained during their green life. Please note that all contested zones on Haranya and Nuia will be set to peace for 24 hours and that pirates cannot be attacked during peace.


Q. Which tradepacks will I be able to keep on my back during the Evolution, and which ones can’t I keep?
For now, the only packs we are intentionally removing are Purified Archeum Packs. All others can accompany you with the transfer evolution with unless we identify an additional category that should be removed.


Q. Which items are currently marked as “server specific” and how will they be handled?
Currently the only items that are server specific are Siege Scrolls. These will be removed automatically should you be in possession of one.


One of my questions wasn’t answered! Where can I ask it?
If you still have more questions, we want to be sure to answer them! Please drop in to our new “2018 Server Evolution” thread in the official forums, and ask away!

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