Secret Agent Costume Pack

While our Devs are working their way back from Gamescom, dark-clad, secretive figures have been spotted in increasing numbers across Erenor. Get this look for yourself now!

The Secret Agent Costume Pack is available on both Legacy and Fresh Start for a cool 4,000 credits. Get it fast before it slips back into the shadows! The costume comes in three flavors: Chimera Agent Unifom, Eclipse Knight Costume and Inquisitor’s Robes.

We’re also bringing back the Desserted Cottage for a limited time on Legacy servers – we know you’ve been waiting for it! Build this unique home for just 2,400 credits!

As always, there’s a lot more on offer! For the month of September, we have the following:

  • Sweet Tooth Pack – 3,500 credits (Legacy only)
    • includes the Desserted Cottage and Sweet Dreams Bed!
  • September Fuel Pack – 800 credits
    • 1 Axle Grease, 2 Bound Eco-Friendly Fuel
  • September Hiram Infusion Pack – 1,000 credits
    • 1 Lucky Hiram Infusion
  • September Lucky Hiram Awakening Package – 1,250 credits
    • 1 Lucky Hiram Infusion, 2 Runescribe Quills, 3 Decrystallization Scrolls
  • September Veteran’s Synthesis Package – 800 credits
    • Clear Synthium Shard, Vivid Synthium Shard, Bound Serendipity Stone
  • September 30-day Labor Stipend – 1,250 credits
  • September 30-day Vocation Stipend – 1,250 credits

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