Black Sands Crate & More!

Before we tell you about the Black Sands Crate, let’s cover what else is new with this week’s marketplace update.

The calendar tells us that it’s back to school season, and we’ve got the right outfits for you on both Legacy and Fresh!

  • Kraken House Uniform Pack – 3,000 Credits
  • Leviathan House Uniform Pack – 3,000 Credits

Each pack comes with the perfect accessories to start your own school, with a Classroom Desk, Chair and Lockbox!

Need extra classroom décor? You can buy additional desks, chairs and lockboxes for 500 credits each!


On Legacy servers, you can also get the Dragon House Uniform or Wyvern House Uniform for 350 loyalty each!


New Synthesis and Loot Packs for Legacy and Fresh!

The Costume Synthesis Pack is available for 2,500 Credits:

  • 1 Synthesis Costume Ticket
  • 120 Clear Synthium Shards
  • 120 Vivid Synthium Shards
  • 1 Bound Serendipity Stone


The Treasure Hunt Pack is offered at 1,500 credits:

  • 8 Bound Lucky Elixir
  • 4 Bound Lucky Quicksilver Tonics
  • 4 Bound Greed Grimoires
  • 4 Greedy Dwarven Elixirs



Featuring the new must-have Black Sands costume as a rare drop, these crates contain a great many other valuable goods. Available on both Legacy and Fresh at 450 credits per crate, they await your perusal!

Fresh Start Black Sands Crate:


Greedy Grimoire

Experience Grimoire

Bound Hereafter Stone

Honor Boost Tonic

Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkin

Bound Tax Certificate

Flaming Pinion

Combat Scroll: Resilience

Combat Scroll: Focus

Combat Scroll: Toughness

Combat Scrolls: Attack

Companion Crust

Expansion Scroll

Building Management Title

Yellow Regrade Charm

Red Regrade Charm


Salon Certificate

Professional Tonic

Super Armor Temper

Super Weapon Temper

Superior Red Regrade Charm

Superior Yellow Regrade Charm

Prime Weapon Temper

Prime Armor Temper

Wrapped Saving Pendant

Black Sands Costume


Legacy Black Sands Crate:


Lucky Quicksilver Tonic

Honor Boost Tonic

Vocation Expertise Tonic

Meditation Grimoire

Greedy Grimoire

Healing Grimoire

Clear Synthium Shard

Combat Scrolls: Attack

Synthium Soap

Expansion Scroll

Specialization Snowflake

Vivid Synthium Shard

Bound Hereafter Stone

Expansion Scroll

Majestic Tree

Mining Drill

Salon Certificate

Multi-Wagon Upgrade Ticket

Lucid Synthium Shard

Crest Trade Pack Storage

Special Pirate Plushie Trove

Multi-Wagon Upgrade Ticket

Language Proficiency Spellbook

Aurora Storage Chest

Indomitable Hostility Lunafrost

Indomitable Transcendent Lunafrost

Indomitable Tracker Lunafrost

Indomitable Love Lunafrost

Distorted Hostility Lunafrost

Distorted Tracker Lunafrost

Distorted Transcendent Lunafrost

Distorted Love Lunafrost

Black Sands Costume


Wrapped Serendipity Stone

Prime Armor Temper

Prime Weapon Temper

Radiant Synthium Shard

Resplendent Armor Temper

Resplendent Weapon Temper

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