Kitsu & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

It’s an animal lover’s dream week as we roll out three different wild creatures who long to find the perfect partner in Erenor!

This week, the Crater Cub Crate enters the scene. Not only is this rare drop companion pet un-bear-ably cute, but he brings along some great PvE bonuses!

  • Passively provides +10% to XP gain, pold drop rate and loot drop rate
  • Activate for Ferocious Growl – increases your PvE Skill Damage by 6%for 60 seconds. This skill has a 1 min 30 sec cooldown.

You can obtain the Crater Cub Crate for 450 Credits on Legacy or Fresh Start.


Legacy players can purchase the equally cute Ebonfur Cub for 625 Loyalty! Same stats, different color!

Fresh Start Server Crater Cub Crate Drops:

Bound Hereafter Stone
Healing Grimoire
Meditation Grimoire
Honor Boost Tonic
Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkin
Bound Tax Certificate
Flaming Pinion

Specialization Snowflake
Companion Crust
Expansion Scroll
Building Management Title
Lucky Sunpoint
Lucky Moonpoint
Lucky Starpoint
Vocation Tonic
Professional Tonic
Yellow Regrade Charm
Crest Trade Pack Storage
Red Regrade Charm
Super Armor Temper
Super Weapon Temper

Lucky Sunpoint
Lucky Moonpoint
Lucky Starpoint
Superior Yellow Regrade Charm
Superior Red Regrade Charm
Wrapped Crater Cub

Legacy Server Crater Cub Crate Drops:

Sunlight Archeum Crystal
Moonlight Archeum Crystal
Starlight Archeum Crystal
Flaming Pinion
Sunlight Archeum Essence
Moonlight Archeum Essence
Starlight Archeum Essence

Red Regrade Charm
Yellow Regrade Charm
Lucky Sunpoint
Lucky Moonpoint
Superior Yellow Regrade Charm
Prime Armor Temper
Prime Weapon Temper
Wrapped Crater Cub

Superior Red Regrade Charm
Resplendent Armor Temper
Resplendent Weapon Temper
Wrapped Serendipity Stone
Duun’s Blessing




Looking for something with a little more roar? Unwrap a fierce bundle of fur and claws with your very own War Tiger mount: Rajani in elegant black, Shayeera in pristine white, and Vanhi of the flaming fur.

Each tiger includes the War Tiger Helm, Saddle and Legguards! The War Tiger saddle allows players to apply a custom crest and colors to the banner that drapes over the cat’s sleek form.

These tigers come equipped with amazing abilities:

  • Gnaw (Pet Level 10+) – Sharpen’s caster’s bite, dealing Physical Damage and additional damage. Triggers Vicious Bite if Invisible Predator is active. Vicious Bite deals Physical Damage and reduces a target’s Move Speed.
  • 4-Leg Lope (Pet Level 20+) – Increases Move Speed +50% for its duration. Triggers Careen if Invisible Predator is active. Careen dramatically increases Move Speed, then decreases gradually. Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.
  • Overwhelm (Pet Level 30+) – Charges to a distant target and inflicts Stun for its duration. Triggers Ambush if Invisible Predator is active. Ambush damages the target enemy. Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.
  • Dash (Pet Level 40+) – Lets the mount dash invincibly forward. Triggers Rip-Roaring if Invisible Predator is active. Rip-Roaring triggers a fast run and grants invincibility. Damages nearby enemies. Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.
  • Invisible Predator (Pet Level 50+) – Applies Stealth to the mount and rider for 5 seconds. Enhances certain other skills while active. Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.


Wrapped Rajani and Shayeera are 2,500 Credits each on both Legacy and Fresh Start.

On Legacy servers, Rajani and Shayeera may now be obtained for 625 Loyalty each – Vanhi is already available for Loyalty!



Not a cat person? No worries, you can snuggle up to the Celestial Kitsu instead! It is now a permanent addition to the Golden Token Store. The Kitsu comes complete with his own Helm, Saddle and Legguards!

This nine-tailed divine canid offers the following skills:

  • Overrun (Pet Level 15+) – Triggers a charge that can Stun a distant enemy. Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.
  • Health Regen (Pet Level 20+) – Heals pet’s health.
  • Power Dash (Pet Level 30+) – Increases Move Speed for a set amount of time, and then gradually decreases it. Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.
  • Quick Movement (Pet Level 40+) – Increases rider’s Evasion by a set amount and grants immunity to Stun for a brief amount of time.
  • Protective Dash (Pet Level 50+) – Triggers a forward charge and invincibility for a brief period of time. Can’t be used while carrying a trade pack.

Wrapped Celestial Kitsu – Available for 2 Golden Tokens



Also on offer with this week’s marketplace update:

Fuel Pack for farm vehicles – 800 Credits (available once per month)

  • 200 Axle Grease
  • 100 Bound Eco-Friendly Fuel


Hiram Infusion Pack – 1,000 Credits (available once per month)

  • 20 Lucky Hiram Infusions


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