8/03 Livestream: Hosting SparxIsGrounded!

Sparx is on point as your guide to fun and mayhem in ArcheAge this week! This Trion Creator is self-described as an “Avid Gamer, Max Conflict Provider, Drama Starter” – so you KNOW this is going to be great!

The stream will likely start with a free-farm for Delphinad Ghost Ships… with a chance of mayhem. Sparx says, “I’m hoping the Haranya and Nuia show up for DGS, because then it’ll be PvP!”
Later, Sparx will take on a Furious Thunderwing Titan if enough people join in; something that many players may never see otherwise!
Still game for more game? Sparx plans to continue with arenas, daring all comers to hunt her down.

Follow Sparx on Twitter @SparxIsGrounded

Giveaways? Of COURSE! Featuring an Alabaster Manticore mount and the new Immortal Guardian’s Robes… Remember that you need to go to Sparx’ channel to enter for them!

Friday, August 3, 1:30 PM Pacific



See you there!

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