Alabaster Manticore Crate + Apex Sale!

It’s way too hot to go outside, unless you head to the mountains… this week in ArcheAge, we bring the mountains to you with the Alabaster Manticore Crate!

Invoke cool mountain breezes and icy glaciers in the middle of summer. The icy shimmer of the Alabaster Manticore Crate holds great promise.

You have a chance at a wide range of useful and valuable items, and a few rare crates will contain the wild Alabaster Manticore! Icy blue with bright red horns and tail tip, this mount will turn heads anywhere.

The Alabaster Manticore Crate is available on both Legacy and Fresh Start, at 450 Credits each.

Don’t fancy the mystery of crates? Manticore breeders have bred an Alabaster Manticore mount for direct sale as well, on Legacy servers only, for 650 Loyalty.

To go along with the wild-maned Manticore, we offer the Mountain Tribe Costume. Fur-trimmed and as savage as the wilds they sprang from, this outfit willmake you feel fierce enough to take on any foe! Available for 1900 credits, a fair price for such dedicated artisanal effort by remote Mountain craftsmen.

But wait, there’s more! Enjoy this summertime Apex Promotion!
From 7/26/18 to 7/31/18, enjoy the following bonuses on your Apex investment:
1 APEX – $9.99, 7.49 GBP, 9.99 Euros (this is the Standard Price)
5 APEX + 1 Bonus APEX – $49.99, 37.45 GBP, 49.95 Euros (Buy 5, get one free)
10 APEX + 3 Bonus APEX – $99.99, 74.90 GBP, 99.90 Euros(Buy 10, get 3 free)

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