Dress to Impress

nui's chosen
Nui’s Chosen are known for their divine fashion!

Legacy & Fresh Start

Uniform Costume Sale

Sale Duration: July 5 – July 19

  • Courageous Nui’s Chosen Uniform
  • Righteous Nui’s Chosen Uniform
  • Vigiilant Nui’s Chosen Uniform (Fresh Start only as it’s already available for loyalty on Legacy)
  • Doctor Healgood
  • Geared Gaslamp Garb

doctor feelgood

Fresh Start

Weekly Sale

Sale Duration: July 5 – 12
New items on sale each week! Only available on Fresh Start servers (Nui & Ezi).

  • Expansion Scroll x5
  • Decor Limit Increase
  • Family Growth Ticket
  • Specialization Snowflake
  • Saving Pendant

– The ArcheAge Team