ArcheAge 4.5 Preview: Shadow Invasions

Darkness is coming. Gather your friends and stand against the shadowy new invaders.

New Shadow Invasion

New with ArcheAge 4.5: Legends Return, a mysterious shadow is lashing out whenever adventurers take down one of the 8 world bosses key to its insidious schemes. We suggest you muster around 10 players with about 6k Equipment Score to eliminate this imposing threat. One minute after dropping any of these 8 world bosses, brand new baddies will spawn, including new under-bosses specific to each Shadow Invasion. When the leader of each invasion is defeated, they’ll yield a rare material which can be crafted into a valuable new trade pack. Hunt down these new events to earn achievements, Gilda Stars, Honor, and even Gold Crates that offer Lunarite – which are opened with a new in-game craftable key.

Hanure Shadow Invasion

Bosses that trigger a Shadow Invasions


  • Daruda the Watcher – Halcyona (new location)
  • The Croakfiend – Hellswamp
  • Zaldrane the Enchantress – Sanddeep (new location)
  • Tanis the Despoiler – Karkasse Ridgelands (new)


  • Blightshade – Rookborne Basin (new)
  • Goretusk the Leveler – Windscour Savannah
  • Yaksa Leader – Perinoor Ruins
  • Hanure – Hasla

Brand New Shadow Invasion Bosses

  • Scythebeak
  • Hargath the War Leader
  • The Drowner
  • Magella the Corpse Queen
  • Vikon Shipsbane
  • Loathmaw the Endless
  • Myrnock the Elder
  • Bloodmoss the Broken
  • Mhondra the Brute
  • Drogoth the Mountain
  • The Dunemaker
  • Venia the Soul Thief
  • Biskilon the Shade
  • Grom, the Dragon’s Fang
  • Grul, the Dragon’s Flame

Regrade System Upgrades

Crafted pieces of gear, such as accessories, weapons, and armor will no longer be destroyed at grades equal to or above Celestial. (Applicable to – Illustrious, Magnificent, Epherium, Delphinad, and Ayanad) Instead, the item will be locked to its current grade and will be unable to progress to higher grades. This new item state is called ‘Crystallized’ and is visibly noted by a red circle icon in the top left the item’s image. The Crystallization feature does not apply to dungeon gear or Obsidian gear.

This allows the player to continue to use the item even after their regrade fails, including selling it on the Auction House, trading it to other players, and feeding it to Erenor equipment.

Anchoring Charms/Stones will prevent an item from downgrading, being destroyed, or becoming Crystallized.

The success rates for all gear regrades will also be upgraded in the 4.5 release!

Dungeon 4.0/4.5 Rates

  • Arcane to Heroic – was 67.5% will be 100%
  • Heroic to Unique – was 67.5% will be 100%
  • Unique to Celestial – was 47.3% will be 94.6%
  • Celestial to Divine – was 40.5% will be 81%
  • Divine to Epic – was 13.5% will be 27%
  • Epic to Legendary – was 10.8% will be 16.2%
  • Legendary to Mythic – was 4.1% will be 5.1%

Crafted 4.0/4.5 Rates

  • Arcane to Heroic – was 50% will be 100%
  • Heroic to Unique – was 50% will be 100%
  • Unique to Celestial – was 35% will be 70%
  • Celestial to Divine – was 30% will be 60%
  • Divine to Epic – was 10% will be 20%
  • Epic to Legendary – was 8% will be 12%
  • Legendary to Mythic – was 3% will be 3.8%

Obsidian 4.0/4.5 Rates

  • Arcane to Heroic – was 32.5% will be 65%
  • Heroic to Unique – was 32.5% will be 65%
  • Unique to Celestial – was 22.8% will be 45.6%
  • Celestial to Divine – was 19.5% will be 39%
  • Divine to Epic – was 6.5% will be 13%
  • Epic to Legendary – was 5.2% will be 7.8%
  • Legendary to Mythic – was 2% will be 2.5%

    Note: To maintain the value of the higher grade equipment, the Great Success rate is reduced from 20% to 10%, and regrades will consume 50 Labor, up from 10 Labor, but gold costs will be reduced.

    Crafting Request Bench

    It is very rare for an adventurer to acquire enough proficiency in all trades to function without the help of others. The Crafting Request system allows players with insufficient proficiency to post jobs that other specialists can complete for them. This job list shows the item in need, as well as the price they’re willing to pay, almost like a reverse Auction House. You can even post a request from the Folio!

    If you’re ever looking to make some money while boosting your proficiency, stop by a Crafting Request Bench and have a look around. You’ll have the piece of mind that when you spend the Labor to craft an item, you’ll see gold at the end. The materials will even be supplied for you! That’s right, the player who is issuing the request must have all required materials and fees for that build – you’ll need the appropriate amount of Labor and proficiency.

    This system allows for a safe transfer of goods for gold, something that wasn’t always the case in the past. You can find a Crafting Request bench near any Community Center.


    • When creating a request, you’ll package all the materials up into a “Crafting Request” item that you can post with a price.
    • A max of 5 requests may be posted at a time.
    • When an order has been fulfilled, it will be sent via in-game mail.
    • The crafter will receive their gold via in-game mail.
    • If no one has taken a job, it can be cancelled. However the moment a player takes the job, the item is crafted.

    – The ArcheAge Team