Letter from the Team: Legends Return

Our newest major update, Legends Return, a.k.a. Update 4.5, is launching on the very fitting day of April 5, 2018. Focused on the power of long forgotten myths of both sky-ruling dragons and the darkness that lurks in the depths of the world, this update includes both new features for all players and long-requested improvements.

Today, we talk about what awaits you in the next update, and the new Fresh Start Progression Servers coming with it.

A New Style of Fresh Start

For those of you who keep a close eye on the Korean servers, you may have heard about their new progression server: Orchidna. This style of Fresh Start server opens up with a classic launch day ArcheAge experience: level 50 cap, Magnificent level gear, and a focus on the mainland continents. Slowly, over the coming months, this server will evolve with unlocked crafting tiers, raid bosses, events, dungeons, and more, just like ArcheAge has over the last 4 years.

Our two new servers, Ezi in Europe and Nui in North America, are following suit with this plan. We were excited to bring you this powerful way to play ArcheAge the moment we heard about them back in September, and we’ve worked closely with XLGAMES to make sure they follow Orchidna’s lead. Almost everything in our Fresh Start will mirror our Korean counterparts.

We want to be as detailed about this as we can, and that’s why we’ve posted a timeline of additions to the Fresh Start server directly on our website. The first two phases of progression are available right now, and we’ll be detailing the later phases as we come closer to their arrival. We’ll also be repeating our prior 48 hour lockout of housing areas at the opening of the server, so we can ensure everyone has a fair shot at getting land.

We’re also changing how we handle the opening of these two new servers. Starting today, Ezi and Nui are online and ready for you to reserve your character name and start pre-creating your character before the April 5th launch. To take advantage of this preparation period, all you need to do is make a new Trion account and head over to http://ArcheAge.TrionWorlds.com to grab a special Legends Return Entry Pack. Once added to your new account, these packs will let you secure your character name by logging in to begin making your character. These packs will also get you some special titles and cosmetics that you’ll be able to use on Day 1 of this new server launch.

No more having to rush into your adventure with that default Nuian male look — you have more than 3 weeks to find the perfect hairstyle and jawline before you get harassed out of bed by Lucius.

With the power of flame and the majesty of flight…

Fresh Start isn’t the only tale told with this new update. Legends Return adds multiple new pieces of content that will change the way you approach your equipment and the way war is conducted throughout Erenor.

Dragon Raising

Why let the fun of flight be reserved only for the Sovereigns of a Player Nation? Seek out the frozen heart of the notorious Red Dragon, then speak with the Daru priests visiting both major cities and Diamond Shores to begin the path of obtaining your own personal dragon mount and combat companion.

red dragon mount

Dragons are not only titanic beasts; they’re also capable of strong crowd control in fights and increasing the siege damage taken by targets affected with their breath weapons. We also can’t forget that dragons have the power of literal flight, letting you soar high in the sky in any direction you choose.

Shadow Invasions

To every new and powerful ally, there’s always a counterbalance somewhere in the world. World Bosses are getting backup of their own in the form of Shadow Invasions: new Crimson Rift-esque events that will be triggered upon the death of a World Boss, like Hanure.

After the boss falls, players will have a few moments to catch their breath before the area begins becoming corrupted by the forces of the shadow, spawning new monsters to challenge whoever remains in the vicinity. Killing these new foes can complete new quests, unlock new achievements, and result in the drop of new crates that can offer lunarite or, more rarely, superior lunarite for crafting.

Crafting Requests

And speaking of crafting, those who are interested in upgrading some of their items or would like to improve their crafting skills will have a new tool at their disposal: Crafting Requests.

Safely ask for help with crafting a specific item or upgrading an existing one without placing your materials or money at risk. Just visit the new Crafting Request workbench at any Community Center or open up the folio and click the new Crafting Request button to start the process, add materials, and offer up a fee in gold for the crafter who performs the work.

Regrade System Improvements

Finally, let’s wave goodbye to destruction during major regrade failure on the crafted item sets!

If you’re regrading a non-Obsidian crafted item beyond the Celestial grade after the release of Update 4.5, then you’re going to experience a new major failure result: crystallization. Crystallized items will replace destruction as a penalty during regrades because it’s a pain in the rear to have your favorite, most powerful item shatter before your eyes.

Crystallization will preserve your item, but you’ll find that its enchantments are frozen in time, unable to be regraded any further. You can still use it as normal and it won’t lose its most recent grade, so it will remain a loyal companion, ready whenever you may need it.

Even if you create a new item with a higher grade in the future, don’t throw away that crystallized old favorite! They can still be used to level up any Erenor gear you may own, or may create in the future.

Regrade success rates are also getting another major boost on the lower levels, making it easier to climb up to Celestial. With these two systems combined, getting a foothold in the endgame has become more satisfying than ever before.

New legends written every day

Legends Return is a sweeping addition that we’re excited to continue to detail in the coming weeks before the launch on April 5. We have a lot more to talk about that includes upcoming changes to class balance, more details on dragon raising, and hands-on previews of what you can expect to see on day 1 of this newest update. And remember, you can reserve your spot on Fresh Start at any time by visiting our Legends Return update page and getting yourself an Entry pack!

As the old stories return, where will your fate be written?

Until then, we’ll see you on the livestreams and in our community!

–The ArcheAge Team