Marketplace Update: Cumulus Magithopter

Defend Mistmerrow from atop your very own Cumulus Magithopter!

It’s getting cold outside, but don’t let the weather keep you down. Soar through the air on a cloud made for a legend – the Narayana hero Markata who is fabled to have defeated the great god Loka in a battle for control over the hidden city of Hal Hahpa!

The Cumulus Magithopter will be available for 650 Loyalty, or can be found in the Cumulus Crate (contents seen below).

The Cumulus Crate (450 credits) can possibly include the following items:

  • Common Drops:
    • Sunlight, Moonlight, Starlight Archeum Crystal
    • Sunlight, Moonlight, Starlight Archeum Essence
    • Green Regrade Charm
  • Uncommon Drops:
    • Sunpoint, Moonpoint, Starpoint
    • Blue Regrade Charm
    • Yellow Regrade Charm
  • Rare Drops:
    • Lucky Sunpoint, Moonpoint, Starpoint
    • Prime Weapon/Armor Temper
    • Superior Yellow Regrade Charm
    • Red Regrade Charm
    • Superior Red Regrade Charm
    • Duun’s Blessing
    • Wrapped Cumulus Magithopter
  • Very Rare Drops:
    • Lucid Earth Lunagem: Finesse, Esoteric, Celerity, Impenetrable


Monsters in Mistmerrow – November 8th – 21st

After you’re done fighting in Mistmerrow, you’ll need to stick around and defend it! Not just from Kadum, but from Enraged Tuskbarks and Red Dragon Hatchlings as well. For your troubles, you’ll earn Red Dragon’s Jewels, which can be traded for Duun’s Blessings, Cloaked Migration Talismans, Luxury Regrade Crates, Bound Serendipity Stones, Vibrant Greenman Buffs, and Evergreen Yata Buffs. You’ll also earn Gilda Stars, Prestige, and Honor Boosts to boot!

To participate in this repeatable adventure, speak with the Masked Daru in Diamond Shores or Mistmerrow. You don’t need to fight Kadum, but if you do happen to take him out, you’ll cause these beasts to spawn in 3 locations within Mistmerrow. Or you can wait 10 minutes after Mistmerrow is completed to find these formidable foes ready for a fight.

– The ArcheAge Team