ArcheAge 4.0 reaches North America and Europe this year!

A storm is coming… will you survive?

A brand new PvP naval arena, cross-server arena capabilities, revisions to Lunagem crafting and slotting, and a new crafting UI are just a few of the features that await you in ArcheAge’s 4.0 Update!

Set sail in Bloodsalt Bay – Band together with a crew of 5 as you fight to dominate the treacherous waters of Bloodsalt Bay. Can your crew capture enough lost spirits to beat out the 3 other ships vying against you, or will you end up at the bottom of the sea?

If that wasn’t enough challenge for you, then get ready to face off against the best that ArcheAge has to offer thanks to our new cross-server arena system. More matches – and plenty more challengers – await you in the pits!

Find raids more easily – Looking for a group to take on some of ArcheAge’s greatest challenges? Visit the new Raid Recruitment Board to view raids seeking additional members, or join your raids together with the new raid link feature!

Lunagems simplified – Improvements to the Lunagem system increase the ease of crafting these precious upgrades. Success rates when using these gems has changed, meaning you can look forward to more upgrades and less shattering!

Crafting system updates – ArcheAge 4.0 a new crafting questline to help fresh players learn the ins-and-outs of the economy, from potatoes to Sunridge Ingots. In addition, veteran crafters will be able to find what they want to make faster than ever thanks to a brand new crafting UI. Less searching, more making!

Check out the trailer below, and get ready for Update 4.0 to release later this year!