A Peek inside the Artificer’s Puzzle Box

Don’t be a square, grab a cube!

Dr. Conker is at it again! You may know him from such “great” inventions as Mechanical Boots, Hoverbloom Collector, and his Turbo-Powered League Leapers. All of them have their own… quirks, but are born from grand intentions. This time, our infamous dwarven artificer has created a wonderful children’s puzzle for you all to enjoy! Granted, it solves itself and occasionally incinerates uncooperative players, so it might just be better employed as a battle pet. You can thank Dr. Conker for his incredible contributions to your adventuring by picking up a Conker’s Cube today!

Conker’s Cube may be bought with 625 Loyalty, or potentially found in this Artificer’s Puzzle Box which will cost 450 credits.

This crate can possibly include the following items:

  • Common Drops:
    • Sunlight, Moonlight, Starlight Archeum Crystal
    • Sunlight, Moonlight, Starlight Archeum Essence
  • Uncommon Drops:
    • Sunpoint, Moonpoint, Starpoint
    • Blue Regrade Charm
    • Yellow Regrade Charm
  • Rare Drops:
    • Lucky Sunpoint, Moonpoint, Starpoint
    • Prime Weapon/Armor Temper
    • Superior Yellow Regrade Charm
    • Red Regrade Charm
    • Superior Red Regrade Charm
    • Conker’s Cube
  • Very Rare Drops:
    • Duun’s Blessing
    • Lucid Gale Lunagem: Flexibility
    • Lucid Earth Lunagem: Finesse, Esoteric, Celerity, Impenetrable

– The ArcheAge Team