Answer the Call of the Daru

Heed the Call of the Daru!

The Daru are in need of your aid, adventurers! Our local rapscallions have begun to find Thunderwing Titan to be… well… too imposing. They’re looking for some brave men and women to head up into Reedwind and help take care of the problem by building towers to ascend to the heavens!

Find the Masked Daru in Austera, Marianople, and Diamond Shores to gain these special quests and take on ArcheAge’s largest boss!

Completing their quests will score you 3 Dawns of Glory Potions and Honor Points per daily quest done!

This limited time event will be available during the following days:

North America: August 2 – August 15, starting with maintenance and ending at 11 PM PDT.

Europe: August 2 – August 16, starting with maintenance and ending at 1 AM UTC.