Erenor Eternal Spotlight: Ancestral Levels & Trade Changes

Erenor Eternal Spotlight: Ancestral Levels & Trade Changes

Erenor Eternal is coming to the game on June 7, and things are going to REALLY shake up around here. For the first time since the beginning of the game, you’ll be able to progress beyond Level 55 and augment your skills with the fury of the elements. Plus, if that wasn’t exciting enough, trading is about to undergo a significant makeover. Read on for the details behind these new systems!

Ancestral Levels

As of Erenor Eternal, 55 is no longer the end! Once you’ve hit level 55 and gotten your skillsets to 55 as well, you’ll be able to walk the path of your ancestors and begin to imbue your skills with the power of the elements. But, to attain this new rank, you’ll need Experience and Ancestral Warrior Medals.

Once you’ve attained the right amount of experience and medals, you’ll receive a message that you can level up via the Ancestral tab located in your skills window.

  • Ancestral Level 1 – 3,777,158 experience & 8 Ancestral Warrior Medals
  • Ancestral Level 2 – 1,531,946 experience & 10 Ancestral Warrior Medals
  • Ancestral Level 3 – 1,531,946 experience & 10 Ancestral Warrior Medals
  • Ancestral Level 4 – 1,531,946 experience & 10 Ancestral Warrior Medals
  • Ancestral Level 5 – 1,914,932 experience & 12 Ancestral Warrior Medals
  • Ancestral Level 6 – 1,914,932 experience & 12 Ancestral Warrior Medals
  • Ancestral Level 7 – 1,914,932 experience & 12 Ancestral Warrior Medals

Ancestral Skills

At Ancestral Levels 1, 4, and 7, a number of your basic skills from your chosen skillsets will become available for augmentation, and you’ll be able to infuse a single skill with one of 8 elements of ArcheAge – Lightning, Quake, Wave, Gale, Life, Mist, Stone, and Flame.

Upon being slotted, the skill will take on special aspects of that element, changing its functionality. For example, Triple Slash infused with Lightning will give you a faster attack speed with the skill, but will reduce its functionality to a single target. Meanwhile, Triple Slash infused with Quake will become a 3m area attack, but will slow the attack speed down.

Each basic skill can be infused with one of two elements, and don’t feel like you need to infuse all of your skills. Augmentations carry both positive and negative aspects, so use the skills that are right for you!

Trade System Changes: An Overview

One of Erenor Eternal’s most dramatic overhauls comes in the form of a brand new trade system in the game. Forget everything you know about how trade packs work – it’s all about to change.

Trade packs will now move through 3 phases as they are transported around the world: Specialty Pack, Cargo, and Certified Cargo. Meanwhile, most trade related NPCs now have a new structure that you’ll find them in – Trade Outlets.

We come in peace!

Instead of just being defended by guards (who could apparently be tricked by everything from loitering ships to bare-bones distractions), trading NPCs will now be protected by the peaceful aura of new Trade Outlet buildings. While within a certain distance of these areas, you will no longer be able to perform combat, meaning your trade sniping will have to be done out in the realm of the open sea or conflict zones.

Trade Outlets are located in the following areas:

  • Nuia: Solzreed Peninsula, Two Crowns, Cinderstone Moor.
  • Haranya: Solis Headlands, Villanelle, Ynystere.
  • Auroria: Diamond Shores, once your faction’s base reaches the brand new rank 4. Should the base downgrade, it will lose the Trade Outlet.

While at a Trade Outlet, you’ll be able to sell your specialty packs, or purchase and sell special Cargo for gold. We’ll get to how Cargo packs are made below, but let’s start with the beginning of the new process: Specialty Packs.

Manufacturing Specialty Packs

The process begins as it always does – goods need to be crafted into Specialty Packs in order to be carted off to the market. These packs are still separated into three different categories: General Specialty Packs, Merchant Specialty Packs (made with a Fellowship Plaza), and Aged Specialty packs (made with larders.)

These packs can now only be sold at a Trade Outlet located on your continent that’s not in the same zone where you originally crafted the pack. Their final sale value will be based upon a maximum value assigned to each pack and how many of those specific packs are in stock at the Trade Outlet. The more packs of one specific type that the post receives, the lower the value of the pack.

Specialty Packs may no longer be transported across the ocean, nor can they be sold for stabilizers. This function has now been moved over to Cargo.

Also, beware if the Trade Outlet is full! If the storage in the outlet can no longer accept new packs, the merchants won’t take your Specialties.

Speaking of Cargo…

Sailing across the ocean for fun and profit

Once a number of Specialty Packs are traded in to the Trade Outlet, the post will begin to convert those materials into Cargo.

When completed, you can purchase the Cargo as long as you’re over level 30, you meet the requirements in labor and gold, and you possess a Cargo Certificate. These certificates can be found for 300 Vocation Badges in the Vocation Shop. Please note that you DON’T have to be the one who sold Specialty Packs to the Trade Outlet to purchase Cargo. If you wish to be a merchant and only move Cargo, that’s completely up to you!

Upon purchase, the Cargo will be placed on your back as a trade pack, and will need to be moved across the ocean via a ship in one of two ways:

Sell to a Trade Outlet on another continent for gold: If you take your Cargo to another continent, you can sell it to that other Trade Outlet for an amount of gold. Cargo is now measured by a new mechanic, “profit,” and the faster you can get it to another outlet, the more money you’ll make. Once the Cargo is sold, it will be certified by the Blue Salt Brotherhood. For example, Nuian Cargo can be sold to either an Auroria Trade Outlet in Diamond Shores, or a Haranyan Trade Outlet.

Sell to Herren on Freedich Island for Dragon Essence Stabilizers: If you’re uninterested in gold, you can make the risky play and move your Cargo to Freedich Island. Selling it to Herren will result in Dragon Essence Stabilizers.

Wait… what about Charcoal Stabilizers?

Ah, an excellent question! The final stage of travel that a piece of Cargo can go through is the certification step. As noted above, Cargo moved across the sea and sold to a Trade Outlet becomes certified. That Certified Cargo can then be moved one final time to a Cargo Exchanger somewhere else on your continent.

These traders will only accept goods certified by their continent, so a Haranyan Cargo, when sold to a Nuia trader will become a certified by Nuia, and can be exchanged with Nuian traders.  Nuian Cargo, taken to Auroria, will become certified by Auroria and later dropped off in Golden Ruins. You can find Charcoal Stabilizer Exchangers in the following separate areas:

  • Nuia: Gweonid Forest, Aubre Cradle, Hellswamp
  • Haranya: Falcorth Plains, Arcum Iris, Perinoor Ruins
  • Auroria: Golden Ruins

So what’s the TL;DR here?

  • Specialty Packs need to be taken to a Trade Outlet on your continent.
  • Once enough packs are sold, they are converted into Cargo, which must be moved across the sea.
  • You can sell Cargo to another continent for gold OR move them to Freedich Island for Dragon Essence Stabilizers.
  • Cargo sold to a Trade Outlet can be exchanged for Charcoal Stabilizers on that continent. Just re-buy them and move them to an exchange location.

Other changes in the new system

  • The Freedich Island Gold Trader event has been retired. No more clink of coins.
  • Rewards will now be delivered in 8 hours instead of 22 hours.
  • The Reward Rate has been reduced from 5% to 2%.
  • The Ocean Trader has now become the Relic Trader. He’ll still take your ocean related trade packs like normal, but he’ll also take any other trade pack EXCEPT your Cargo and Specialty Packs. Upon receipt he’ll offer you a fixed reward, unaffected by any price adjustments.
  • While Shadow Merchants will still remain in the world, you won’t be able to interact with them anymore. Their role has been moved to the Relic Merchant.

More to come!

This is only the first taste of Erenor Eternal! Make sure to see these systems in action each week on our Friday livestreams (starting at 1:30 PM PDT on and keep an eye out for a new spotlight article on the website every Thursday!