Fall prey to desire: Enchant a corrupted magic lamp – May 17 to June 7

Fall prey to desire: Enchant a corrupted magic lamp – May 17 to June 7

They say these lamps brings out the worst in people. Their greed, their bloodlust, their darkness… all manifest when around this ancient artifact. What will it bring out in you?

Starting on May 17 at 1:00 AM UTC (6:00 PM Pacific), purchase one of the magic lamps from the Limited tab of the ArcheAge Marketplace for free, and go on a daily quest to offer tributes to. Lamps may be purchased ONCE per account, and only the owning character will get the final reward, so choose wisely!

This lamp may be placed on private land that you own, and any of your other characters on the same account may interact with it to empower it.

If you don’t own any land, don’t worry, just keep the lamp in your inventory and do the corresponding daily quests. Once you have 7 materials, you can empower the lamp at the Composition Workbench in Mirage Isle.

Each type of lamp requires a different daily quest to be empowered, which can be retrieved from the Masked Daru in Austera, Marianople, and Diamond Shores:

  • Lamps of Greed require you to kill five bosses from Greater Dungeons to finish.
  • Lamps of Honor require you to complete either “A Harsh Lesson” quest in Halcyona, or the “Battle of Mistmerrow Basin” quest in Mistmerrow to sate your bloodlust and finish.
  • Lamps of Souls require you to kill 8 bosses in Serpentis to taint yourself with the abyss and finish.

After the quest is finished, use the tribute to empower the lamp on your land and gain a temporary buff based on your lamp. After the lamp is empowered 7 times, it will be completed and reward the following:

  • Lamp of Greed: A cloaked Divine grade dungeon weapon from the following list: Sea Serpent’s Malice, Reverse Thornscale Shield, Snake Fang, Viper Fang, Bloodmist Blade, Necromancer’s Vision, Crimson Canine, Arterial Staff, Amputator, Destroyer’s Smite, Boneshatter, Branded Scepter, Sunsetter, Heavendusk, Sunshadow, Arcane Desire.
  • Lamp of Honor: A Proven Warrior’s Armor Crystal that produces a Celestial grade wrist piece from the following list: Heartless Warrior’s Guards, Heartless Warrior’s Vambraces, Hardy Warrior’s Sleeves, Hardy Warrior’s Guards, Hardy Warrior’s Vambraces.
  • Lamp of Souls: A Grim Reaver battle pet.

Will you fall prey to your worst desires? Will your ends justify the means? Only time will tell…

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