Readiness Report: Untapped Power

Readiness Report: Untapped Power

Just one more week until the Revelation’s supposedly upon us, friends. Is it me, or has the air been, like, colder recently? Oh, I know what yer thinkin’. Yes, I did remember it’s the winter, and that I live in a frigid climate ‘ta boot.

Lookee here, let’s get back on track. This week’s report was a doozie, and I needed to call in a knowledgable informant-type person. As a trusted journalist, I can’t reveal my sources, so I’ve given him a secret undercover nickname: Plumeasaur. (Who is absolutely, could never be, not at all Quillodon.)

Here’s what Quillo… I mean Plumeasaur found out:

Skill Changes: An Overview

As the largest expansion to-date, it is perhaps expected that ArcheAge: Revelation would include an unprecedented number of skill changes. While I have included the entire exhaustive list in today’s patch note update, the team thought it might be helpful to summarize some of the most noticeable changes right here.

The End of the “Tank Button”

Shrug it Off and Bondbreaker have received significant changes this time around, losing both their 50% damage reduction AND their ability to “pre-cast” before an incoming attack. This means they are now purely reactionary skills, only able to be cast while under the effects of one of the debuffs they remove. Conversion Shield also took a hit, becoming “Spell Shield” and gaining a noticeable downside in the form of reduced Received Healing for the duration. These skills are still useful, of course—but they are no longer the one-button cure-all that they used to be.

Welcome to SnareAge

Snare gains a lot of importance in Revelation. With moves like Tiger Strike and Behind Enemy Lines no longer able to be used during Snare, Battlerage users will really start to feel that lack of mobility. In addition, Archery users have gained the ability to cast Snare up to 30m away while using Float, and their Snipe combo now works with Snare instead of Sleep. So hold on to that Bondbreaker, boys and girls. You’re going to need it.

No More Mister Nice Guy

Healers get a whole new bag of tricks in this expansion, with a series of changes that are already making waves in the Korean version of the game. Vitalism gains a potent 30m magic attack in the form of the new Holy Bolt skill, which can damage the enemy and heal allies at the same time. Even more interesting, Holy Bolt, Skewer, and Antithesis have all been reworked to deal magic damage based on the caster’s HEALING Power instead of their Magic Attack. Together with some scary new Abyssal skills in Vitalism and Songcraft, classes like Cleric and Caretaker suddenly pack an unexpected punch.

Introducing Archertillary

In another dramatic shift, Archery has received a near-total overhaul. The Deadeye buff now lasts for up to a minute, granting its full Ranged Attack bonus (and free Feral Mark!) whenever you stand still to unleash a volley of arrows. Snare is finally useful, Boneyard works better than ever before, and Concussive Arrow becomes a veritable tank-buster with up to +200% defense penetration on Bleeding targets. All this combines with Archery’s absolutely insane Abyssal skills, which increase the range of all bow attacks to unprecedented levels. Expect big changes in the way you see archers played in this expansion.

Down, but not out

Mages and those dabbling in magical arts should make sure to review their skills, as a few new curveballs are being thrown their way. In addition to the previously mentioned Spell Shield change, God’s Whip is losing its combo with frozen targets, enemies in Bubble Trap now receive -50% magic damage (we’re looking at you, Meteor Bubble), and Insulating Lens may be instant cast but it no longer prevents Tripped.

Speaking of Abyssal Skills

In Revelation, players will be able to activate new Abyssal skills for each skillset. Only one skillset can be Abyssal at any given time, and leveling up these new abilities takes a whole lot of experience—so choose wisely. But the benefits are more than worth it.

Abyssal skills are a big ol’ boulder hurled into the relatively placid waters of the PvP meta. Archers become mobile siege weapons. Assassins become untargetable nightmares. Healers start attacking people, fighters summon magic swords, and once-clumsy shield mages start blinkin’ around like a hyper-active chameleon. It’s a brave new world out there, folks. If you want more information on how these new skills work, full details are in today’s new notes.

But enough of my rambling! You didn’t come here to listen to me gush. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado: your 3.0 skill change list is now available in the Public Test Server forums.

One week remains

Thankee SO MUCH for your undercover knowledge, Quillod… er… I mean… Plumeasaur! Clearly, our guys and gals on the front lines of international conflicts will have A LOT to learn!

With only one week left and one topic to go, it’s time to get yerself prepared! Make sure to visit the new official forums for the new Reckoning and Prophecy servers, or jump into our official community at large.

Until next week, this is Rinni Featherscript signing off and hopin’ your adventures aim high and fly fast!